20 Style Tips On How To Wear Trench Coats

We’re halfway through April. It would be nice if we could wear our shorts and tank tops, but that’s not a reality for most of us. The only way we could get away with that is with some creative layering. April is the time of spring showers and when winter decides to rear its ugly head one more time. That means that we usually have to layer up with a coat. One of the most popular spring coats is a trench coat.

A trench coat is actually a classic wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, people sometimes equate the word “classic” for “boring.” That’s an unfair title for a trench. Trenches can be as cool and chic as any bomber, robe coat, or biker jacket. And it’s something you can wear with almost any outfit. To prove it to you, here are 20 style tips on how to wear a classic trench coat.

1. Trench Coat, Black Layers, And Fanny Back

There’s something so chic about a beige trench with all-black. I also encourage you to try the fanny pack.


2. Trench Coat, Overalls, And White Blouse

Have you ever thought to pair denim overalls with your trench? You should.


3. Striped Top, Trench, And Skinny Black Pants

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Have a brightly colored top peek out of the open neckline on your trench. See this cute striped option.


4. Trench Coat, Jeans, and T-Shirt 

Dress up your jeans, sneakers, and graphic tee with a trench.


5. Black Dress, Boots, And Trench Coat

Show some leg with a mini dress and trench. If you stick with black separates, you can take the look into evening.


6. Pink Trench, Jeans, And White Boots

I love this big trench. If yours isn’t pink, still pair white boots with it. The footwear will go with everything.


7. Gray Sweats And Beige Trench

This is so cute and cozy.


8. Pink Trench, Baseball Cap, And Jeans

?⋆︎?⋆︎? . . この間お出掛けした時のお洋服です✨ . 主役は、お店に入った瞬間一目惚れした #liliybrown のピンクのトレンチコート? パフスリーブの袖のデザインに、 形も丈感も全てがわたしのツボ! とっても可愛くてお気に入りです? . この日は寒かったので、タートルニットをインして リボンを前で結んでワンピース風に? 気温が不安定な今季、最大に活躍してます✨ . . #ootd #fashion #code #coordinate #coat #cap #trenchcoat #sandals #liliybrown #snidel #jillbyjillstuart #rosebud #pink #flower #japan #今日の服 #今日の私服 #今日のコーデ #コーディネート #花柄 #春服 #トレンチコート #ファッション #春コーデ #お洋服 #可愛い #お洒落さんと繋がりたい #私服 #?

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Contrast a girly trench with a sporty baseball cap.


9. Green Trench, Yellow Hoodie, And Jeans

lemons & limes.

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Even if you don’t have a green trench, try this hoodie plus trench layering idea. Then try to figure out how you can work the lemon and lime theme into your wardrobe.


10. Trench, Striped Pants, And Black Top

Here’s a low-key way to add a print to your lewk.


11. Trench Coat, Pink Skirt, And Sneakers

How cute is the skirt peeking out from underneath the trench? The sneakers add a sporty twist.


12. Trench Coat, Black Pants, And Metallic Sneakers

The trenchcoat is a must have this season!??

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Coordinate your trench coat with metallic sneakers.


13. Trench, White T-Shirt, Skinny Black Pants, And Heels

Throw on a pair of heels and some skinny black pants and you have a glam evening look.


14. Trench, Black Crop Top, And Pants

Ein zeitloser Klassiker #trenchcoat#fashion#classic#timeless

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The crop top and cropped pants completely change the look.


15. Long Dress, Trench, And Hat

We need to start wearing more hats — especially with dresses.


16. Belted Trench Coat And Heels

For a chic finish, belt your trench coat and wear a short dress underneath. And add heels. The trench will look like a dress, but you’ll still have something underneath in case it ever comes undone.


17. Beige Pants And Trench

Match your trousers to your trench. A cream sweater coordinates nicely.


18. Trench Coat, Dress, And Jeans

Try the pants plus dress styling hack with your trench.


19. Beige Trench Coat, Black Dress, And Boots

The black dress and trench are classics, but the chunky boots and quilted backpack add a modern twist.


20. Striped Dress And Beige Trench

When you have a dress with a bold pattern, it will still be visible under a trench coat.


What do you think about trench coats? Let us know in the comments!

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