14 Whisper Confessions About Going To Prom You Need To See

Prom season has come once again. If you’ve never had the opportunity to go before, you’re probably curious about what it’s like. The more you get into it, you might realize that there’s a lot more to it than you thought given promposals, spending a good chunk of change on a ticket, dress shopping, and debating about whether you should go solo or with a date.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, note that you’re not alone. I’m sure that your friends, classmates, and potential prom date are feeling the same way. What’s more, the people of the internet also have some conflicting feelings about prom. Read their anonymous Whisper confessions and you’ll definitely relate. Just remember that prom is supposed to be about having fun. So, don’t get so focused on finding the “perfect” dress and date that you forget to enjoy yourself, okay?

Have a gander at 14 Whisper confessions about attending prom:

1. That feeling that springs up.


You will find someone/some people to go with who are as awesome as you.


2. Hey, don’t mind awkward me.


There’s no shame in not dancing.


3. #DressShoppingStruggles


Why is this so difficult?


4. Change of heart.


Um, what to do?


5. So broke right now.


And how about another $100 for the shoes?


6. Big first.


*Insert happy face emoji*


7. The constant back and forth.


Do I have to decide now?


8. You don’t have to go.


People have other plans.


9. When they say they don’t want to go, but they really do.




10. What does he mean?


Is he going to ask at all? Is he just throwing a curve ball?


11. Wondering what to do about this dress.


How did this happen?


12. Awkward stuff.


Could be worse, right? Right.


13. Not gonna be part of that cliche.


Going solo.


14. When you look for a bae to take you to prom…


Good point.


What Whisper confession did you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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