16 Cute Twisted Hair Ideas For Prom

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right, people, prom season is upon us. You’re probably busy dress hunting and wondering what sort of crazy promposals are going to go down at your school. You’re also probably starting to think about your hair and makeup.

Whether you want to do your hair yourself, get a friend to do it, or you want to go to a salon, I’d like to suggest that you try a twisted hairstyle. Twists are gorgeous, there are sooooooo many options to choose from, they work with all hair types, and they’re even easier to do than braids. What’s not to love?

See for yourself just how pretty twisted hairstyles can be. Have a look at 16 cute twisted hair ideas for prom.

1. Twisted Chignon With Tendrils

This looks complicated but it’s really about pinning different sections of hair.


2. Half Updo With Twists

Don’t want a full updo? Try this gorgeous half updo.


3. Twists And Ponytail

This is how you take a ponytail to the next level.


4. Thick Twisted Updo

A twisted updo for your Tuesday ?? Perfect style for Easter!

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The one piece snakes around the head to form a stunning updo.


5. Twisted Updo With Faux Flowers

This is like the twist version of a milkmaid braid. It’s gorgeous with or without the flowers.


6. Soft Updo With Hair Accessory

This is beautiful.


7. Twisted Bun With A Barrette

Notice how the twists hold the bun together?


8. Simple Twist with Headband

Romantic, vintage inspired upstyle I created for Saturday’s beautiful bride, Jessica ? The style she chose for her trial was completely different, way more modern, and Jess was back and forth about it all morning. So we made a game day decision to just follow her instincts, allow that wedding day magic to take over, and let it come together the way it was meant to – and, I mean, I’m slightly biased, but isn’t this style just perfect with her dress?? (last photo) The trial isn’t always about nailing down the exact look for the wedding day – in fact, thanks to the internet, most brides change their minds by the time the wedding day rolls around. But the trial is the perfect time to try out new things, and help you understand how to translate your own personal style into a bridal look. It’s also an awesome opportunity for the artist and bride to work on their relationship, and build a level of trust with eachother – so in situations where day of edits need to be made, or anything else comes up, the bride can trust her artist, and the artist can do their best work knowing they have that trust ? #bridalhairinspiration #bridalhairideas #vintagehairstyle #twistedupdo #texturedupdo #baltimorebridalhair

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Proof that you don’t need to over-complicate things.


9. Twisted Ponytail With Woven Hair Accessory

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Guh. I’m in love with this. It’s so simple but so romantic.


10. Twists And Tendrils

Leave a few face-framing pieces out of your twist. You won’t regret it.


11. Twisted Ponytail

The braids plus the twist create such amazing texture.


12. Twisted Updo With Hair Beads

This has major Game of Thrones vibes.


13. Large Twists

Instead of a series of small twists, try a few thick ones.


14. Thick Twisted Updo

Gorgeous from the back.


15. Braids And Twisted Top

Braid hair up the head then twist the ends for a sculptural updo.


16. Undone Twists

Forget the idea that your twists have to be “perfect.” A relaxed hairstyle actually looks beautiful with twists.


How do you want to wear your hair for prom? Let us know in the comments!

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