8 Signs Your Tops Don’t Actually Fit

The styles and colors of clothes may be the first things that we’re attracted to, but it’s the fit of clothes that make or break a look. Some of the fashion experts out there recommend getting clothes tailored for the *perfect* fit. That’s great if you’re investing in something that you’re going to have in your closest for years, but it’s not the best option if you’re buying a $20 top at the mall. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to spend money getting that top tailored. I could buy another top for the price the tailoring cost. Instead, I suggest looking for a top that fits properly so tailoring isn’t necessary.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Shirt shopping can sometimes feel as annoying as bra shopping because you have to get the shirt to fit your boobs. Not only that, you have to find a top that’s the right length, that fits across the shoulders, has sleeves that work with your arms, et cetera, et cetera. It might seem like a lot of effort, but it’s worth it, even if you’re buying an inexpensive top. When you wear something that fits, it will look like a million bucks.

On that note, here are eight signs that your tops don’t actually fit. Look out for them the next time you’re shopping.

The Buttons Gape At The Front

The biggest giveaway that a top doesn't fit is when you have buttons that are pulling down the front. Unless you are going for a peak-a-boob effect, try on a different size. If you have a larger chest, you might find that you have to go up a size in button-down tops to get a style that fits your girls.

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The Armhole Seams Don't Sit At Your Shoulders

Unless you're wearing a top that is meant to have dropped or bat wing sleeves, the shoulder seams of any top should actually sit right in line with your armpits and shoulders. If they're more on the top of your arms, your shirt is likely too big. If they're an inch or so away from your shoulders, it means that your top it probably too small. This might seem like a small thing, but if the armholes aren't in the right position, it can make your entire top fit weird.

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Your Top Is Constantly Riding Up

You probably have one top in your wardrobe that is supposed to sit around the hips but somehow it always seems to sit at your waist. If you're wondering what's the deal, it's likely a sign that the top doesn't fit. It might have shrunken in the wash, but it could have always been like that. To stop making the same mistake again, move around in the change room when trying tops on. Twist, bend over, walk, and see if the hem of the top rides up.

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It Feels Like It's Pulling Across The Back

It's guys we often hear about in terms of shirts and jackets fitting across the shoulders correctly, but it's actually just as important for us ladies. If a top is too tight across the shoulders, it will pull and make moving around feel uncomfortable. It might even restrict your range of movement. You should be able to circle your arms and move them back and forth without your top pulling. If there's tension, go for a bigger size or risk the seams bursting.

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Your Sleeves Don't Hit At The Right Part

If you're wearing a long sleeve, short sleeve, or cap sleeve, make sure that it actually sits where it's supposed to. If it doesn't, it can create a fun house mirror effect. And I'm assuming that's not the look that you're going for. If you're wondering, long sleeves should hit around the wrist bone. They shouldn't cover half your hand.

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They Create A Muffin Top Effect

You've probably heard of how too-tight pants can create a muffin top effect where they push the skin up over the waistband. The same sort of effect can be created with a too-tight top. The difference is that the hem of the top pushes the skin downwards so it's visible underneath the shirt. The same pinching effect can also happen with too-small sleeves.

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You Feel Like You're Being Choked

Even if you're wearing a top with a high neckline, you should never, ever feel like it's cutting off your airway. If you feel that it is, it's a sign that the neckline has been cut too small. If you go up a size and it's still not better, hang it back on the rack. The too-tight neckline will only become more irritating the longer you wear it.

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It Puffs Out In Weird Spots

Blousons and peplum details aside, a shirt should fit smoothly to the body. If it looks like there are pockets of air trapped beneath certain spots, there's something up with the fit. It's not your body, it's likely an issue with the construction. It could be something as small as a weird dart or a seam that's too curved. Don't settle. If you want a breezy top, get one that's meant to be breezy.

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What are your tips for getting a perfect fitting shirt? Let us know in the comments!

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