7 Signs You’re Actually Afraid Of Commitment

Things might have been going great for you. You might have had a crush, realized that your crush had feelings for you, and you started to date. It should be a happy ending, right? That’s not always the case. While you might be happy with your relationship with bae, you might feel a bit anxious or uncomfortable, and you’re not sure why. It could be that you’re afraid of committing. 

People who are afraid of commitment are usually thought of as the hard-partying people who love to go out every night and have difficulty thinking about being with one person. There are definitely people who fall into that category, but there are also other types. There are people who have gotten burnt in the past and are afraid of opening their hearts up again. There are others who have feelings for the new person in their lives, but they’re unsure of how much they want to sacrifice for them.

If you have feelings for the person you’re dating, but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you might feel uneasy about committing fully to the other person. Here are seven signs that you’re actually afraid of commitment. If you fit the profile, you will have to consider whether you’re truly ready for this relationship and what exactly you’re looking for from a partner.

You Don't Like The Idea Of Your Relationship Being Labeled

When someone asks you what your relationship status is, what do you say? Do you give some vague answer about having fun, just seeing someone, or you're sort of single? Does the idea of saying you're in a relationship freak you out? Does it seem like a really big step? If that's how you feel, that's how you feel. You don't necessarily have to put a label on your relationship if you and bae don't want to. But, you should also understand why you don't want your relationship labeled. Think about whether it's because of the connection (or lack thereof) you have with bae, or whether it's an individual thing.

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You're Still Hurting From Previous Relationships

I need you to be honest with yourself here. Are you really over your last relationship? Are you over all of your previous relationships? What about unrequited loves and crushes? It doesn't help if you're lying to yourself. You might not feel ready to commit to your current SO because you're still holding on to some part of the past. Hearts take time to heal and everyone's journey is different. Don't put pressure on yourself or jump into anything you're not ready for. You might regret it.

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You Get Overwhelmed When Bae Talks About The Future Or Even Making Plans

When your SO talks about making plans, do you get a bit antsy? Does the anxiety only increase when bae starts talking about the future? If you're nodding yes, it can point to a commitment issue. It can also mean that you're the type of person who enjoys living in the present. Therefore, any grand commitments in the future can seem overwhelming.

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You Focus On The Negative Things In Your Situation

Here's another time you need to look inside yourself and consider your true feelings. Do you sometimes look for the negative things in relationships? Do you look for bae's flaws, quirks, or differences in the hopes that you can use them as a way out? If you think you are, consider why. Do you actually want to be in this relationship? Do you actually have feelings for bae? Or, do you feel pressured? Are you committing because you think that's what you're supposed to be doing or because people are encouraging you to? Remember that you're the other person in this relationship. At the end of the day, the only opinion you should be listening to is your own.

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You Sometimes Leave Texts Unanswered

Some people love to spend the day texting their SO back and forth. Do you find it a bit ridiculous? If bae texts you, do you sometimes ignore the text or leave it unanswered until later so you can do your own thing? Do you cringe at seeing the text because you know it could open up the gates for a back-and-forth texting marathon? If you don't like the idea of committing to texting marathons you might not like the idea of committing to bae, in general.

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You Have Trouble Opening Up To Bae

Do you find that you can be your true, authentic self around your significant other? Or, do you tend to hold things back? There's nothing wrong with not feeling comfortable being 100 percent open. It takes time. You should also consider whether you're not being completely open with bae because you're not ready to fully commit yourself to him or her.

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You Feel Like You Need More Space

Think about how much space your SO gives you. Now, consider whether you think it's enough. If you've asked bae for more space and it still isn't enough, it could be a sign that you're not ready for a proper commitment at this stage in your life. It could also indicate that your feelings for bae aren't strong enough for a commitment.

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