14 Unique Ways To Wear Zigzag Parts

We may be in 2018, but sometimes it seems like we’re in a different year. Actually, make that a different decade. Styles from the ’80s, ’90s, and even the 2000’s, are making comebacks. Grungy lipstick, body glitter, and exaggerated lip liner have all come back, and so are zigzag parts.

If you struggle to get a straight part perfectly even, you might feel overwhelmed about the idea of attempting a zigzag style. You know what? Zigzag parts aren’t that hard to do. You simply run a comb back and forth over your head and let strands fall where they please. What’s more, you can make the curvy parts your own. You can have a wide part, a narrow one, one with many zigzags, or a big zigzag that snakes across your head. And you can work the cool part into almost any hairstyle. Get inspired with 14 unique ways to wear zigzag parts now.

1. Braided Pigtails With Zigzag Part

Look flawless from all angles.


2. Rainbow Hair Zigzag Part

Shall we bring back the 90’s zig zag part?

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If you’ve got highlighted hair, try this out. It doesn’t matter whether hair is blonde, blue, or black.


3. Gray Braids Zigzag Part

Obsessing over how these braids are arranged.


4. Zigzag Part And Undercut

? @hairbymichellechester ?

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The details have taken space buns to a new level.


5. Skinny Braids And Large Zigzag Part

Large or small, zigzag parts work.


6. Center Zigzag Part


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With hair like this, you’ll wish you could see the top of your head.


7. Boxer Braids With Zigzag Part

Notice how the zigzag part starts right at the hairline?


8. Zigzag Braids

The part isn’t immediately obvious, but it’s where the cool effect comes from.


9. Peach Boxer Braids With Zigzag Part And Hair Jewelry

Everything about this look slays.


10. Zigzag Cornrows

These braids are beautiful. Then you add in the extra zigzag detail. #Slay


11. Rainbow Hair, Space Buns, And Zigzag Part

Peach and pink hair with space puns and a zigzag part? Yes, please.


12. Braided Buns And Zigzag Part

This has all the ’90s throwback vibes.


13. Zigzag Part In Straight Hair

Come on, you can pull this off.


14. Hair Rings, Messy Bun, And Zigzag Part

The way the zigzag part has been worked into the space buns is so cute.


When was the last time you tried a zigzag part? Let us know in the comments!

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