8 Simple Ways To Start Prepping For Your Exams Right Now

It’s hard to believe it, but exams are coming up. Fast. I know that you’re probably stressed and want to finish up your last assignments, and you might be tempted to wait until your teachers start exam prep, but do yourself a favor and start preparing for your exams now.

I can totally hear you saying, “Are you crazy?” I get why you would want to focus on your last few assignments and maybe have a bit of a break before you have to study, but get ahead now and you’ll be less stressed because you don’t have to cram later. FYI: Prepping for exams is about more than studying. It’s about getting ready so you can ace that test. Here are eight simple ways you can start prepping for your exams right now.

Make Sure That You Have All Of Your Notes

Were you away for a few lessons because you were sick? Did you miss something else because you were at a field trip? If there were classes you missed and you never got the notes, now is the time to do it. Ask your friends, teacher, or other classmates for help. Don't be shy, because these are your marks on the line. You can say something like, "I am preparing my study notes and remember I was away XXX, and I was wondering if you had any notes from the day I could borrow?"

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Ensure That You Understand All Of The Concepts

If you don't understand something, now is the time to figure it out. Don't assume that you will suddenly get it or that it won't be on the exam. It's Murphy's Law that if you don't get something, it will be on the test. You could ask your classmates for help, a study group, or book an extra help session with your teacher.

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Consider Forming A Study Group

If you don't have a study group, now might be the time to form one. Studying in a group can actually be very effective because people can share the way they interpret concepts. They might also inspire you to focus on another section of material you might have ignored otherwise. Just make sure that you choose people you're actually going to study with.

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Look Back At Tests And Figure Out Where You Went Wrong

Part of good studying is learning from our mistakes. If you lost marks on a question, make sure you know why. Sometimes, teachers like to reuse old questions from previous tests on end of the year exams to make sure that you really understand the concept. You don't want to make the same mistakes twice. What's more, even if your exam doesn't have the exact same question, it will probably have something similar.

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Organize Your Study Space

One of the key things to studying is having a good space to do it. That means a clean, organized space with your books and writing utensils. It doesn't mean a distracting place with your phone and TV. If your desk has overflowing papers and old food wrappers, take some time to clear it up. Clear space, clear mind.

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Redo Old Tests And Quizzes

In addition to going over questions that you've gotten wrong, go back and redo all of your old tests and quizzes. It will help you figure out what information you know and what areas you could brush up on. It will also give you some good practice for the actual test.

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Try Coming Up With Study Games

I know that reading and highlighting a textbook can be boring AF. That's why it can be effective to switch things up. Try a study game. Flash cards or fill in the blanks are two effective options. Even when you're making the game, you're still learning. Therefore, the whole concept is a win, win.

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Start Rereading The Oldest Stuff

I know that there is a mountain of reading to do. That's why it's a good idea to get started now. When you break it down into smaller concepts, it won't feel as overwhelming compared to if you're trying to cram in all of the concepts at the end.

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What are your study tips for preparing for exams? Let us know in the comments!

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