7 Unrealistic Things We Need To Stop Thinking About Crushes

Love can definitely be all-consuming, but sometimes we can have some very strong feelings for our crushes. Those feelings are what prompt us to doodle our crush’s names with tiny hearts all over notebooks, religiously scan their social media feeds for insight into their likes and dislikes, and daydream about what could, nay, will happen when we get together. It’s during this time, we form ideas about what our crushes are like…and sometimes they’re not the most realistic.

I’m sure that your crush is a decent person. If he/she wasn’t, I doubt you would give him/her the time of day. Your crush probably has some amazing qualities, and it’s important that you focus on those rather than jumping to conclusions or building your crush up to be some perfect ideal in your mind. When you do that, you can set yourself up for disappointment and sometimes heartbreak. I know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep your feelings in check, but try. You’ll be better off. Here are seven unrealistic things that we need to stop thinking about our crushes.

That Your Crush Is Perfect

I'm sure that you crush is pretty ace, but I know for a fact he/she isn't perfect. I don't need to have met your crush to know that. No one is perfect. Everyone has some good qualities and some not-so-great ones. The latter ones can be everything from quirky habits, random ideas, or some pretty crappy beliefs. It's natural to focus on your crush's best features, but realize your crush is a human with flaws.

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That You And Your Crush Will Get Together And Eventually Get Married

Slow down there, girl. I admire your enthusiasm and positivity, but you haven't even gone on one date with your crush. It's a bit much to be planning your fantasy wedding, even in your head. Try to take things one day at a time otherwise you will only set yourself up for disappointment. There is a possibility you might get together, date, and get married. But, it's also likely your crush is nothing more than an unrequited love and you won't remember him/her in three years from now.

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That Your Crush Is Going To Dramatically Reveal His/Her Feelings

Everybody hopes for the day that their crush will admit that the love is mutual. You shouldn't stop hoping that your crush will have feelings for you. It's always a possibility. What you should do is keep your feelings in check. Life is not a movie, so the chances of your crush publicly declaring his/her love for you are very, very slim. It's even less likely if you've never said how you feel.

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Your Crush Will Dump His/Her Bae For You

You definitely need to stop thinking this if you've never told your crush how you feel...or you've never even had a conversation with your crush. There are possibilities that your crush and his/her SO will break up. And there is a chance that you and your crush will get together, but those are slim odds. There are so many factors to consider. Don't put all your hopes into one scenario. You need to consider that your crush might be happy in this relationship.

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That You And Your Crush Will Have *Hot* Chemistry

Given your feelings for your crush, you probably assume that if/when you go out, sparks will fly. Be aware that it might not work out that way. Chemistry is a funny thing. You might have feelings for your crush and he/she might have something for you, but when you get together, there might not be a spark. Be aware that just because you like someone doesn't mean there's going to be sizzling chemistry. You might even find you're better off as friends.

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You And Your Crush Will Have Tons Of Things In Common

Maybe you know a bit of about your crush from school or your social media stalking. You've probably picked up on some of the things, but only time will tell whether you have enough in common to form a relationship. Assuming you and your crush will be connected because you think he/she is hot, isn't enough...nor is sharing the same color or both liking the same sports team.

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Your Crush Picks Up On Every Single Little Hint You Drop

Let's get real here. Sometimes, people are pretty clueless when it comes to flirting and subtle hints. Some people don't even pick up on very obvious signals. Everyone is different and interprets everything differently. That's why you need to realize that your crush might have missed all of the hints you've been dropping about your feelings. When you're more realistic about it, you will hopefully be able to get better at communicating.

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What other things do you always think about your crush? Let us know in the comments!

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