7 Signs Your Crush Is Really A Jerk

Love is a complicated game. Sometimes, the heart wants what it wants even if your brain is telling you that it’s completely wrong. You might have experienced it in relationships or maybe even when you’re crushing on someone. Perhaps you’ve had a crush on someone you thought was a good person and they turned out to be a jerk.

It’s a sucky situation to be in, which is why I want you to avoid it if at all possible. When we’re crushing on people, sometimes we can ignore some unsavory qualities because we’re just so caught up in the emotion of it all. That can result in us getting a rude awakening later. There are also occasions where we ignore key signs. I get that there’s something about bad boys/girls that’s hot, but you know what? The reformed bad boys/girls we see in movies are not the ones we have in real life. In reality, sometimes jerks turn out to be nothing more than jerks. If you are crushing on one, it’s usually in your best interests to realize it now rather than later when you’ve invested more time and feelings. Here are seven sneaky signs that your crush is actually a total jerk.

Your Crush Trolls People On Social Media

Social media is great for discovering things about your crush. Sometimes you can get preoccupied with finding out your crush's hobbies, relationship status, and plans to realize that there are some pretty big clues on social about whether your crush is as jerk or not. For instance, does your crush troll people or participate in *epic* take downs? This is especially important to note if your crush is doing it with peers as opposed to questionable politicians.

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Your Crush Has Criticized You Or Others

If you're being honest with yourself, would you say that your crush has a tendency to be critical? He/she might try to mask it as a joke, but watch out if your crush is judgmental or critical of you and others. If you crush is this way now, he/she could only be worse in a relationship. Being negative doesn't help anyone out as it hurts people's self-esteem.

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Your Crush Goes From Being Really Involved To Completely Ignoring You

Does it seem like one day your crush is liking everything you post on social media and sending you sweet text messages then the next he/she is completely ignoring you? Some *hot and cold* feelings might be expected when you have a crush, but they shouldn't be too drastic or frequent. If it seems to be a reoccurring pattern, don't kid yourself into believing your crush is just really, really busy. He/she could actually just be a jerk whose playing a game with you.

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Your Crush Gets In Trouble A Lot

If you go to the same school as your crush, his/her behavior in class can be really telling about what kind of person he/she is. If your crush doesn't have any respect for the teachers or other students, it's a red flag. Obviously, it's not good if your crush is always ending up in detention or the principal's office. We know that school is one aspect of a person's life, but the way a person behaves in it can show some key personality traits.

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Your Crush Is Selfish

This can be tricky to pick up on unless you're in situations where you're around your crush a lot, but try to keep a lookout for signs. See if your crush helps others when the opportunity arrives or whether your crush is focused solely on him/herself. If you're spending time with your crush, see if he/she puts your needs first or whether he/she only is concerned with things that affect him/her.

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Your Crush Seems To Be Involved In Drama

Would you say that your crush is one of those people who always seems to be involved in drama? You might initially think that it's exciting and daring, but that can lose appeal, very quickly. When you're suddenly involved in it, you will wish things could just be chill. You will also wonder why your crush always seems to be have drama follow him/her. FYI: It likely isn't coincidental.

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Your Crush Has A Negative Reputation

It's important to get to know a person and not base your decision about him/her solely on what others think. But, it's also important to be aware of what others think. You shouldn't totally discount the opinions, particularly those of friends or family. If people who you love and care about are wary of your crush, they probably have some valid reasons. It's worth hearing them out.

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Have you ever had a crush on someone and later realized he/she wasn’t a nice person? Let us know in the comments!

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