17 Pretty Ways To Wear Bows In Your Hair

When we’re looking for hairspiraton, it’s easy to get lost in all of the complicated updos with twists, braids, zigzag parts, and and fifty steps. As much as I love admiring the looks, I know that I don’t have the patience or time to recreate the majority of them, especially on your average day. What I really want is a hairstyle that looks cool but requires minimal effort. That’s why I’m a fan of hair accessories.

Clips, headbands, and even scrunchies are great, but hair bows are one accessory that I think we can all play around with. So we’re clear, I don’t mean tying your hair into a bow a la Lady Gaga circa 2011. I mean updating hairstyles with a fabric bow accessory. Although, if you want to add a fabric bow to a hair bow, I encourage you to try that along with these 17 cute ways to wear bows in your hair.

1. Braid And Bow

Gah! How cute is this?


2. Braid And Bow Half Updo

New hair ☺️ #greybalayage #silverbalyage #greysilverhair #braids #bowhairstyle

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A completely different take on the braid and bow combo.


3. Updo With Side Bow

Look at that placement. #Flawless


4. Kerchief Bow

For the girl who loves everything retro.


5. Side Bow Half Updo

Antwerp has its hidden treasures. ?

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Note the angle of the bow. It’s not accidental.


6. Embellished Bow With Half Updo

Take your bow to the next level with a decorated one.


7. Bandana Bow And Updo

Try this instead of a headband.


8. Side Bow

Put a bow on it ?

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Forget about the view and the spread; look at that bow.


9. Voluminous Hair With Pink Bow

With a bow this size, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the curls.


10. Ballerina Bun And Bow

Resist the urge to put the bow on top and stick it on the bottom.


11. Ribbon Bow Ponytail

Tiny bows can be just as pretty as big ones.


12. Straight Ponytail With Bow

Red velvet ❤️ #spring #redribbon #hairbow #redvelvet

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Don’t worry if your bow isn’t perfect. Uneven tails are actually very sweet.


13. Hair Bow with Bow

Double bow-ing.


14. Bow Headband

With or without the glasses, this has an adorable retro vibe.


15. Loose Half Updo And Bow

Fasten a few loose layers in the back of your head with a big bow.


16. Three Braids And Bow

Adorable from all angles.


17. Bow Scarf

Got a scarf? Tie it in a bow on your ponytail and you’ve got yourself the cutest hair tie.


What do you think of the hairstyles? Let us know in the comments!

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