16 Pretty Tattoos For All Mermaid Lovers

Do you love mermaids? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place because I’m dedicating this entire post to mermaids — more specifically mermaid tattoos.

I’ve previously talked about mermaid makeup looks, mermaid Halloween costumes, so I figured it was time to talk about mermaid tattoos. After all, we love all sorts of themed tattoos. Unicorns, fruit, and Disney tattoos are favorites, but it would be wrong to forget about mermaids, especially now that we cannot go to a store without seeing at least 10 mermaid themed items.

If you love mermaids and are considering getting inked, let these tattoos inspire you. Even if you’re not looking for a new tattoo, you will still enjoy all of the mermaid vibes. Here are 16 oh-so-pretty mermaid tattoos that you will hopefully love.

1. Tiny Mermaid Tattoo

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It might be small, but it’s still very clear.


2. Mermaid Foot Tattoo

My Mermaid! #mermaidtattoo

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I wasn’t expecting this placement at all. It works.


3. Mermaid And Shell

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Hello, Ariel vibes.


4. La Dolce Vita Mermaid

I’m obsessed with the combination of the outline tattoo and the watercolor splotches.


5. Multicolored Mermaid Scales

I can’t wait for the healing part to be done! It’s so itchy! #imamermaid

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Don’t have fins? At least you can have scales.


6. Mermaid Tail And Anchor

#newtat #mermaidtattoo

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You’ve got two sea symbols and a Proverb.


7. Mermaid Combing Her Hair

Just look at the fins on her.


8. Merkitten 

Some of you might remember that back in 2016 I got to do a magazine cover for @bitchmedia …well, this magically happened during my recent Van guest spot with @alitbruce ✨Thank you so much, Breanna! She may be tender and swole but she’s still cute! ??‍♀️ Swipe to see the merkitten in her original context ?✨ Fwiw, I will gladly repeat this design. And as ever, massive props to my amazing art director @krbee — it lives on! ? Still have space left in PDX for April, hit me with an email (see bio)! . . . . . #handpoke #handpoked #handpokers #handpushed #sticknpoke #stickandpoke #qttr #queertattooartist #handpokedtattoo #stickandpoketattoo #machinefree #machinefreetattoo #nomachine #blackinktattoo #cutetattoos #ignorantstyletattoo #simpletattoo #mermaidtattoo #cattoo #feministart #bitchmedia #bitchmagazine #purrmaid #mermaidvibes #pdxtattoo #portlandtattoo #seattletattoo #seattletattooartist #phantomorchidtattoo

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A cat mermaid? Why not?


9. Singer Mermaid

Omg. Look at the detail on this. I also love that it’s a pin-up mermaid.


10. Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

You cannot go wrong with watercolor mermaid tattoos.


11. Back Gradient Shell

There’s no actual mermaid here, but the mermaid vibes are very, very strong.


12. Mermaid Tail

Look at those colors. It’s popping.


13. Black And White Mermaid Tail

?? #mermaidtattoo #mermaid #divas

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A totally different vibe.


14. Mermaid Tail

Proof you don’t have to have a full mermaid for a mer-mazing tattoo.


15. Swimming Mermaid

#mermaidtattoo #girlstattoos #inkedgirls

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Strike a pose.


16. Outline Mermaid Tattoo

Simple but still stunning.


Which mermaid tattoo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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