8 Questions Everyone Has About Big Boobs

Boobs. We’ve got a lot of questions about them. We wonder when they should start growing, when they should stop growing, and what is the *perfect* size. And that is just the tip of the, erm, iceberg. Then we have questions about our nipples, having hair on our boobs, having two different sized boobs, nipple discharge, and much, much more. If you have small boobs, or you breasts have started growing yet, you will likely have some questions about big boobs.

Big boobs have gotten a reputation as being the ideal for guys and the hottest thing around. It’s a bit ridiculous and unfair because everyone has their own individual tastes and all bodies should be celebrated. But as we hear the comments, they probably make us more curious about what having big boobs is like. To help you out, here are eight common questions about having big boobs, answered. Just remember that no matter the size of your chest, you should embrace it and know that there a *perfect* size for breasts.

Do You Really Get Backaches From Having Big Boobs?

Backaches can actually happen to girls whose chests are on the larger side. However, it will depend on a few different factors including just how big boobs are, the kind of bra being worn, and whether any intense physical exercise has gone on. Some ladies might get backaches, but find they go away when they get a new, more supportive bra. It's rarer, but there are those with large chests who suffer almost chronic back pain and sometimes consider breast reductions because of it.

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Can You Stop Your Boobs From Growing More?

Sorry, but there is no way to stop boobs from growing. Because I know you're going to ask, you also cannot make your boobs grow more. It's all down to hormones. The only ways you can alter your breast shape is with surgery or with different kinds of bras.

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If You Have Big Boobs, Will You Have Large Nipples?

There are different types of boobs and there are also different types of nipples. You might think that those with bigger boobs would therefore have larger nipples, but that isn't always the case. You can have a larger cup size and have smaller nipples by comparison. FYI: There's nothing wrong with your body. That's just the way it is. It's also why nipple shapes and colors vary so much.

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Is Working Out Very Painful For Girls With Big Boobs?

Intense workouts can be painful for women with boobs of all sizes if they're not wearing a supportive enough bra. Those who experience chest sensitivity during their periods might also have problems doing intense exercise. Those who have larger breasts and find workouts uncomfortable should ensure that they're wearing a new-ish, supportive sports bra. If a good bra isn't providing relief, a person might want to try something besides high intensity workouts or cut down on the frequently. Things like jogging can be very hard of the girls. Yoga and Pilates are kinder.

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Do Big Boobs Sag More?

Boobs are made out of a combination of tissue and fat. They say that breasts with a higher density of tissue will be less likely to droop. Of course, gravity is also at play. Bigger boobs will be affected by gravity more, and given their larger size, it can look like they're sagging more than other sizes. It's nothing to be ashamed about. Breast sagging is a natural part of aging.

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Can You Get Stretch Marks On Your Boobs?

You can get stretch marks on almost any area of your body. Stretch marks are basically formed when an area of the body grows too fast for skin to keep up, resulting in the marks. This can happen to boobs of all sizes, particularly when a person goes through puberty. Stretch marks can be red or purplish but they should eventually fade to whitish marks. There are stretch mark creams to moisturize marks and fade these lines, but be aware that might still be visible.

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Can You Actually Go Braless?

Going braless is really a personal preference and depends on a person's comfort level. Some people with larger chests might feel uncomfortable in strapless styles without a strapless bra while others could be fine with it. The one area where people will probably all prefer to wear a bra is when exercising because the bra will help breasts stay in place.

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What Do Guys Think Of Big Boobs?

I might not be a guy, but even if I was, I wouldn't be able to speak for all of them. What I can say is that there isn't one universal thing for all males, or all humans for that matter. Everyone is their own person so they will have varying opinions. Some will like large boobs, others will like small, and some will like medium. And I'm sure there are people who love boobs in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

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What other things have you wondered about big boobs? Let us know in the comments!

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