What To Do If Bae Is A Bad Kisser

When you’re making out with someone new, I bet there’s a small voice in the back of your head hoping that you impress your partner with your kissing skills. No one wants to be known as a bad kisser, but it can also be problematic if you find yourself smooching someone who isn’t as gifted in the art of making out.

The easiest thing to do would be to admit your feelings to bae and then offer to give a series of *instructional demonstrations.* The kissing lessons sound good, but we all know how we would feel if someone told us that there was room for improvement in our kissing game. We would likely be too hurt, angry, and embarrassed to do any sort of tongue tangling.

It’s a delicate situation with emotions, lips, saliva, and teeth involved so you want to make sure that you’re handling it right. If you’re stressing, here’s what to do if bae is a bad kisser.

Try To Take The Lead

There's normally one person who will take the lead in kissing, sort of like in dancing. If you think bae is less experienced or not as confident kissing, it can be easy for you to take the lead. When you're in control, you can do the moves that you like and bae will hopefully pick up on them or even copy them. Just be aware that your SO might not get you're taking the lead and continue to drill your mouth with his/her tongue. Two leads won't really work because then it will seem like a tongue battle.

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Give Positive Feedback

I know that it can be really hard to give someone a critique, especially if it's someone that you care about. Therefore, try a different approach. Rather than saying what you don't like, say what you do. Even if your SO is truly terrible at kissing, there has to be something you can compliment. Say that you like how soft his/her lips are, comment about how you like the speed. If you're desperate, you can even say you love staring into bae's eyes before you smooch.

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Play A Game

If a kissing lesson isn't going to work for you, you can try a different approach and turn it into a game. You could get/make a sexy kissing board game or you could play a mirror version where you do something and bae has to mimic it. In fairness, you'll have to switch positions during the game, but hopefully the different roles will give bae a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

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Come Up For Breathers

Is part of the issue with bae's kissing is that he/she forgets to swallow or breathe? I know that it might be difficult when you're in the moment, but try to remember to break apart. It will give your SO a chance to shallow/catch a breath and it will save you from getting slobbered on. Win, win. You can also do something sexy in the situation with your hands.

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Slow Things Down

Sometimes the problem with bad kissers is that they get so excited and do things very fast. It can be the same problem when it comes to sex. So, try to take the lead and slow things down yourself. You can also comment about how you love it so much when bae takes things slow. Even if bae is still going fast, he/she will hopefully get the hint.

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Joke Around About It

This can be a tricky one because it will largely depend on the delivery as well as the type of relationship you have. If bae is attacking your face with his/her mouth, you can jokingly say at the end of the kiss that you're pretty sure you have beard burn, or something. The key to making this one work is you have a light tone, giggle, and make it about you rather than him/her.

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Be Honest

If you've done everything else on the list and things aren't working out, you might want to be honest with bae. If you have feelings for him/her, but are sick of getting your teeth knocked every time you go in for a kiss, it might be the best way if you want to continue the relationship. Be truthful, but try to make it about the two of you. You could say something like, *I feel we really have a connection, but I think we're struggling on this kissing front.* Then you can suggest some practice lessons where you both give feedback. Make it collaborative and things will hopefully improve.

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How do you deal with bad kissers? Let us know in the comments!

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