7 Ways Bae Could Actually Be Ruining Your Self-Esteem

A good relationship is supposed to bring out the best in you. Bae is supposed to be your partner in crime and give you more confidence, love, and be your rock. Unfortunately, not all relationships are like that. There are times where you might think that you’re in a healthy, loving relationship when in reality, bae might be doing some sneaky things to undermine your self-esteem.

They are often subtle things that you might not initially realize. Your significant other might not even realize he/she is doing them and the impact they can have on your confidence. There are also times when you might feel the drop in your confidence, but you might not yet pinpoint them to bae’s actions being the cause.

If you’ve been wondering whether you’re in a healthy relationship, or you’ve been feeling down and you’re not sure why, pay close attention to these things. Bae could be doing one or a combination of them. Here are seven ways your significant other could actually be ruining your self-esteem. If you do notice a correlation between your SO’s behavior and the signs, you will want to consider speaking to him/her about it and figuring out whether you’re in a toxic relationship.

Your SO Says You Will Never Find Anyone Else Like Him/Her

You could actually take this to be something romantic. The negative side of it is that you could see it as bae saying that you were lucky to get someone like him/her and that you will never be able to get someone like that again. If you think about it that way, it will definitely make you feel more self-conscious about yourself.

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Your Significant Other Constantly Offers Suggestions

Suggestions can sometimes be very helpful. But, too many suggestions can completely change things. When we're constantly being given suggestions, the implication is that what we're doing is completely wrong. When we're inundated with *tips* from bae, it is especially sensitive because it makes us think that what we're doing isn't good enough for bae.

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He/She Redoes Or Checks What You've Just Done

Do you do something then bae has to redo it? Does it happen a lot? Not only can it be very irritating, it can also feel demeaning. It shows that bae doesn't trust you or your actions. It shows that you're not an equal in the situation and that bae is the one in control. All of that mixed together will naturally lower your self-esteem.

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Bae Makes A Lot Of Jokes About You

Some people are natural jokers. The problem with some jokes can be if there's some truth to them, and the truth is something mean-spirited or even sensitive. If your significant other is making jokes about your appearance, personality, success, or something else, it can cut deep. Even if bae claims he/she is only joking and he/she still loves you, it can have a negative impact on how you feel about yourself.

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Your SO Tries To Control Every Situation

This goes along with having a bae who constantly checks and rechecks what you've just done. If you find that bae is prone to taking charge of a situation as opposed to working together on it, it can make you feel a bit useless or that you're not good enough to be an equal. It's a shame because those aren't feelings you should have.

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Bae Questions Your Decisions

Bae is supposed to be your partner so a collaborative spirit is great, but having someone constantly question your decisions can be an issue. Another problem can be when your significant other questions decisions that are specifically focused on you. You are still your own person and there are decisions you will have to make that don't impact bae. Having bae question them can make you feel insecure about your decision making and goals.

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Your SO Sometimes Rolls His/Her Eyes At You

People sometimes joke about the couples who roll their eyes at each other and act all exasperated. However, something as small as an eye roll can majorly impact how you feel. Body language can impact people as much as words, and eye rolls in particular can really affect people. Even if bae doesn't say something, seeing bae give you an eye roll after you just did something can make you feel awful. And if it happens more than once, it can be even worse.

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Have you noticed how your significant other impacts your self-esteem? Let us know in the comments!

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