8 Signs Your Breakup Was For The Best

After breaking up with someone, you will probably go through a period where you mourn the loss of your relationship. Once you’ve dealt with those feelings for a while, you will likely come to a point where you debate about whether your breakup was for the best. Faced with the prospect of being single again, it’s only natural. It doesn’t matter whether if it was you breaking up or someone else was doing it.

You will likely think about the pros and cons of your breakup, and you might end up getting more confused. I know what it’s like. It’s easy to imagine alternatives with happy endings compared to what is reality. The trouble is that what’s done is done and imagining things, especially if they’re different than what your relationship was actually like, can make you forget why you actually broke up on the first place. To hopefully help you find some clarity, here are eight signs that your breakup was actually for the best.

You Felt Like You Couldn't Be Yourself Around Bae

There's no one like you, and you should be able to be yourself around the people that you love. If you felt that couldn't be yourself around your significant other, or you felt like you had to hide parts of yourself, then you're actually better off without bae. When you're in a good relationship, you should be with someone you're 100 percent comfortable with and you can truly be yourself and expose all sides of you.

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You And Bae Wanted Different Things From Your Relationship

Did you have an idea about where your relationship was going, but your significant other had a different idea? You might have thought that you could work through the issues and come up with a compromise, but that would likely have resulted in feelings of regret on both parties. You might have even tried to compromise and it didn't work out. If you and bae had very different ideas about what you wanted then it's actually better that you broke up.

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You Struggled To Blend Your Lives Together

Do you have friends or did you have past relationships where you and the other person's lives just seemed to fit together? Did you have that with bae? If you're shaking your head, you're likely better off apart. It's understandable if you had difficulties working around your busy schedules, but that's a small part. If every little thing seemed like a struggle and it never seemed like you could join any parts of your lives from friends, to family, to hobbies, to TV routines, it shouldn't have been ignored. If it's not jiving now, it will likely get worse when bigger things come up.

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You Didn't Like Bae's Friends Or Family

Some people say that you're not going out with a person's friend or family, but they will be a part of your relationship. And if you didn't like your SO's family and friends and/or they didn't like you, it can make things difficult. You might have even had those difficulties. Some people can brush them off and say it's about you and bae, but there would have come to a point where bae would have had to make a choice between you or them, and that isn't right. You deserve to be with someone where you love his/her family and friends and they love you.

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You Felt Like You Were Always Trying To Win Over Bae

Did your relationship seem like a challenge where you were always trying to win the affection of your SO? Were you never completely sure what bae's feelings were, and you were trying to get him/her to open up? That's not a good relationship. You're better off waiting for someone who has clear feelings for you and appreciates the relationship you share.

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Even Small Things Seemed Like A Struggle

If you could describe your relationship in a few words, what would you say? Do challenge or struggle come to find? Did it seem like things never could flow with you and bae and there always seemed to be something that came up? Did even the small things that should be simple, seem to go wrong or become overly completed? Were you stressed most of the time hanging out with bae or even trying to arrange plans? If you're nodding yes, the breakup was probably a good thing.

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Small Things Could Turn Into Big Arguments

In your relationship, could the smallest of comments lead to a full-blown argument? Was one of the constants in your relationship fighting? If you and bae had disagreements, could you talk rationally or did it lead to big arguments? If you always seemed to be having big fights over what seemed like nothing, splitting up was a good call. You should be with someone where there is less conflict and you can talk about your differences without the situation escalating.

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You Forgot About Other Things In Your Life Because Of Your SO

When you were with your SO, did you have a balanced relationship? Or, did all of the other things in your life fall by the wayside? Did you still have time for friends, family, yourself, and hobbies or was it all about bae, bae, and more bae? It's understandable that you want to spend time with your significant other, but you don't want to do it at the cost other things. A good relationship will still enable you to be your own person and have your own interests.

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Have you ever debated about whether you should have broken up with an ex? Let us know in the comments!

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