20 Style Tips On How To Wear Raincoats

Happy spring, everybody. I know that it didn’t seem like it was going to come, but it has. I’m sure that everyone is celebrating the (slightly) warmer weather. I’m definitely celebrating the new season because it’s the time of year of Easter, blooming flowers, and pastels. It’s also the season of rain.

For some, that might be considered a con. Not for me. I don’t mind the rain — provided it’s not torrential — because it means that I get to wear a raincoat. Before you say that raincoats are something only kids wear, or that they look like you’re walking around in plastic wrap, hold those thoughts. There are lots of cool rain jackets out there and some cool ways on how to wear them. Keep scrolling to see 20 style tips on how to wear raincoats.

1. Check Raincoat, Black Top, And Jeans

Proof that a raincoat can be casually chic.


2. Black Raincoat, Cream Sweater, And Jeans

Missing London lately ?? 요즘 날씨 런던 생각나☔️

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Forget about the rain boots and try a pair of white boots.


3. Clear Raincoat, Sweater, And Jeans

Don’t want to cover up your outfit? Choose a clear vinyl jacket and wear jeans and a bright sweatshirt underneath.


4. Beige Raincoat, Orange Blouse, And Jeans

Keep things chic by mixing different neutral colors.


5. Beige Raincoat, Striped Top, And Skirt

Happy to have your skirts out at last? Pair a pleated one with a raincoat and your favorite striped top.


6. Yellow Raincoat, Striped Top, And Jeans

A striped top plus a yellow raincoat equals a cheerful outfit.


7.  Red Raincoat and White Pants

Yes, you can definitely bring out your white pants now.


8. Pink Polka Dot Raincoat And Striped Top

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Just look at all of the fun ones she is wearing.


9. Red Raincoat And Tall Boots

Don’t forget about matching (or contrasting) your raincoat and umbrella. Love this red and yellow combo.


10. Yellow Raincoat, Jeans, And Printed Boots

Narration for these pictures: [Taking Instagram shots…] “Look, it’s raining! I love the rain ?” “Wait, it’s raining? Quick, hide the book!” ☔️?☔️?☔️ I’m really excited to share these pictures, mostly because I’m in love with my new rain coat, which I got in France in September. It almost never rains in SoCal, so the fact that we’ve had rain 3 times in the last week is AMAZING! I also don’t think I’ve shared any pictures of my dreadlocks ?? I’ve had them for about a year now, and am having a lot of fun with them. I didn’t dread all my hair, so I can hide them away under my open (non-dreaded) hair if I want. What’s the weather like where you live right now? . . #reading #reader #read #bookish #bookstagram #booknerd #bookdragon #bookaddict #annaandthefrenchkiss #raincoat #bookishportrait

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A pair of printed rain boots and a sunny yellow raincoat will make the shows seem not as bad.


11. Raincoat, Leggings, And Boots

Yes, you have a hood, but a fedora ups the style in your outfit. Dr. Martens are also a good alternative to wellies.


12. Yellow Raincoat, Graphic T-Shirt, And Mom Jeans

Definitely wearing a beret with my raincoat from now on.


13. Black Hoodie, Clear Raincoat, And Baseball Cap

Play up the sporty vibes with a baseball cap. If it’s vinyl, even better.


14. Black Raincoat, With Green Sweater And Striped Pants

Got a classic raincoat? Brighten it up with a bold sweater and striped pants.


15. Pink Raincoat, Sweater, And Shorts

Show some leg with a pair of shorts under a longer raincoat.


16. Beige Raincoat, Blouse, And Jeans

Think a raincoat and jeans can’t be polished? Add a blouse and some heels.


17. White Raincoat, Tulle Skirt, And Sneakers

Go for an all-white look. It’s more unexpected than spring’s usual pastels.


18. Navy Raincoat, Layered Tank Tops, And Oversized Tote

Notice the layered tops? It’s a cute styling trick and it’s great for people who are always cold.


19. Pink Raincoat, T-Shirt, And Jeans

Sunnies and a raincoat, ready for everything ? @ichi_nl #ichi

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Match your raincoat to your sneakers for a coordinated look. If your coat and shoes are pink, even better.


20. Purple Raincoat, Long Skirt, And Sneakers

A raincoat looks very cute when a hint of your skirt is visible from the hem.


Do you wear raincoats in the spring? Let us know in the comments!

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