9 Harsh Truths About One Night Stands

Sex is supposed to be an amazing thing, but there are a number of things that people have to worry about. They include pregnancy, STIs, having someone walk in on you, and more. These things are still concerns with one night stands, but there are other things to consider when having casual sex.

If you’re considering having a one night stand, it’s important that you’re prepared as much of possible before going into it. Obviously, protection is key. What some people don’t consider is the emotional sides of it and the stuff that goes on after the actual hookup. That’s actually the stuff that can make or break a one night stand. Here are nine harsh truths to know about one night stands.

You're Not Guaranteed Good Sex

The idea behind one night stands for many people is that they're these *really* hot hookups and the sort of mind-blowing sex that you don't get in your committed relationship with bae. That's actually a load of you know what. A one night stand doesn't guarantee good sex. You're hooking up with someone for the first timewhich means you don't know each other's bodies. That can make of an awkward or even uncomfortable experience.

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It Might Be Surprisingly Emotional

It's one thing to say that you're going to be emotionally unavailable and just in it for the sex, but post-hookup you might find yourself feeling attached to the other person. What's more, you can go through a wide variety of emotions from guilt, confusion, disappointment, joy, and awkwardness. And that's just the start of thing. There's also a little thing called oxytocin that's released in the body during sex which can make you feel attached.

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People Might Not Be Honest About STIs

I know it's terrible to think, but it can happen. Anyone can lie about STDs and STIs — even a committed partner. What's more, a person can think they're clean when they're not. That's why protection is extremely important.

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Your Partner Might Judge You

Even if the other person is into the idea of a casual hookup, they can still form an opinion of you and be judgmental. I know that it's hypocritical and a really awful thing to do, but I want you to know that thee's a possibility of it happening. And if someone makes any comments about you being a slut or having *dubious* actions, you do not have to stand for it. Kick them out and end the one night stand.

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They're Not Going To Care About Details

Your hookup partner is not going to care about your underwear. The only time he/she will notice it is when you're taking it off. Similarly, he/she won't care whether you're legs are shaved or not and what the situation down there. They'll be so stoked that they're about to get laid without having to go through a bunch of awkward dates, they probably wouldn't even notice if your pubes were multicolored.

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Your Partner Might Tell Other People

You might be the sort of person who thinks hookups are a private thing between the parties involved. Note that other people don't abide by the same philosophy. Know that there is potential for the person to share the juicy details of your hookup to the friends and even on social media.

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Your Partner Might Think This Is Turning Into A Friends With Benefits Thing

You will want to establish some ground rules prior to hooking up. I know it's not sexy, but you will want to make it clear whether this is a one-time thing or whether you want this to be a regular hookup. And even if you try and make sure you're on the same page, you or the other person might feel different after the hookup.

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People Have Very Definite Ideas About Sleeping Over

There are supposed etiquette rules about one night stands. The problem is that they can vary wildly. Some people think that staying over is an absolute no. Then there are those who have no problem with it. It's tricky to know what to do a situation. Even asking the other person isn't helpful because they might say they're chill about someone spending the night, when they really aren't.

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The Morning After Can Be Awkward AF

If you or the other person decides to stay over, don't expect the morning to be another hot hookup. In the daylight, people can feel very different. There will also likely be some conflicting feelings on what to do next. Some people will want the other person out of their bed ASAP while someone else might think it's their duty to take the other person out to breakfast and then exchange numbers. #Awkward

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