8 Bad Habits You’re Doing That Are Making You Break Out

We often attribute pimples to puberty, changes in hormones (hello, periods!), or using the wrong beauty product. There’s also somewhere else we can lay blame that we sometimes don’t think about: ourselves. That’s right, what you’re doing could actually be making your skin worse.

I’m not trying to shame you or make you think that you have an awful skincare routine. I want you to be informed because a lot of us (myself included) sometimes don’t realize that the little things we’re doing could actually be leading to breakouts. If we know about them and are able to stop doing them, skin will hopefully improve. That’s something everything wants, right?

If you’ve been trying to treat your acne and it hasn’t been fully effective, pay attention to these things in case you’re doing any of them. Here are eight bad habits you’re doing that are likely making you breakout.

You're Constantly Touching Your Face

Girl, take those hands off of your face. Now. I know that it's tempting to touch your baby soft skin, but it is just spreading germs and bacteria. What you need to pay attention to is when you're unconsciously touching your face. Are you resting your face in your hands? Are you constantly scratching your chin? Are you rubbing your forehead and nose? All that touching is no bueno. Try to limit touching to only when you're washing your face.

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You Never Clean Your Phone

Stop for a second and consider the last time you cleaned your phone. Would that be never? You're not alone. Just think about how much bacteria has built up on that phone from all of your texting and talking. The first order of business is giving it a good clean with a phone-friendly wipe. The second thing to do is to try to avoid touching your phone directly to your face to avoid spreading germs — as well as not getting foundation on it. Speaker phone is where it's at.

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You're Not Bothering To Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

I know that you're tired and had a long day, but put in the bit of extra effort and remove your makeup before hitting the hay. Sleeping in makeup is not good for skin. What's more, you definitely need to be washing your face before bed whether you're wearing makeup or not. Cleansing skin at night takes off all of the built up grime, dirt, and oil. Here's something else to consider: Who wants to go to bed with a full face of makeup and get it all over their pillow?

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You're Picking Your Pimples

I understand the very strong temptation to pick. When I wake up with a honking zit on my face, I have a *massive* urge to squeeze it. And I have to force myself to stop. Why? Picking zits can actually create more skin trouble. It can push the bacteria into skin, causing more breakouts. What's more, it can potentially lead to scarring and even infection. So, hands off.

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You're Being Too Aggressive When Washing Your Face

If you have pimples, you might think that you're not washing your face enough. Therefore, you might be tempted to get in there are *really* start scrubbing. It seems like a good call in theory, but over-scrubbing skin can lead to more irritation. You don't want to over-wash or over-scrub your face. Stick to washing it twice a day and gently massage the cleanser in for a couple of minutes. That's sufficient.

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You're Completely Ignoring Your Neck And Chest

When was the last time you thought about your neck? Exactly. It's an often forgotten about body part. You might think about your chest more, but you probably don't think about them as much of your face. It's time that changed. When washing your face, extend your cleanse down to your neck and chest. You can get pimples anywhere on your body, and sometimes the soap from faces can drip down to necks and chests causing zits, when it isn't washed off properly.

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Not Changing Your Pillowcase Frequently Enough

If you're going to slack on changing your sheets, that's one thing, but do yourself a favor and switch your pillow case. If you're being extremely lazy, at least switch it to the other side. Sleeping on the same pillowcase every night builds up dirt, bacteria and if you don't wash your face before bed, makeup. Therefore, swap it regularly.

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Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can make a beauty application easier, but it's important to maintain makeup brushes otherwise they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Sorry for the gross description, but it's true. That's why it's important to wash your makeup brushes on the regular. By that, I mean about once a week with a brush cleanser or mild soap. Putting a makeup brush with old skin flakes, foundation, and oils is not going to do skin any favors.

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How do you treat pimples? Let us know in the comments!

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