17 Tweets About Having A Crush We Can So Relate To

Do you have a crush? Do you spend a considerable amount of your day fantasizing about what it would be like if your crush admitted he/she had feelings for you and you got into a relationship? Do you even go as far as drawing your crush’s name in little hearts in your notebook, as cliche as it may be? You’re definitely not alone.

If you’re crushing bad, you might keep your feelings to yourself or you might share them with your friends. Maybe, you’re the type of person who likes to share their feelings on social media. Social media, especially Twitter, is great to express your feelings. It gives you a place where you can share your heart. And if you’re a sly one, you can talk about your crush without naming them and *pray* that they will read your tweets and figure out through your coded tweets your feelings. Win, win.

Here are 17 tweets about having a crush that you’ll be able to relate to:

1. Power of a crush.

Not cheating on that crush.


2. When you see dat picture.

All the heart emojis.


3. So much cuteness to go around.

This is why I heart you.


4. When it hits you unexpectedly.

Right in the heart.


5. Hoping for the best.

*Crosses fingers*


6. Don’t mind me…

I’ll just be over here for the next 100 years.


7. Can you make it go away?

Sometimes it would make things a lot easier to make it disappear with a wave of the hand.


8. Food for thought.

Can you feel more than this?


9. Looking for some online friends here…

Can’t help talking about him/her.


10. Heart might explode.

All of the emotions.


11. When the like button is hit.



12. So many feelings.



13. You know you’ve thought about it…

..And if you haven’t before, you’re going to be considering the idea.


14. Do me a favor.

That would be brilliant, thanks.


15. Is this love?

Can things be different just once?


16. Sums it up.

Seriously, when is it going to happen?


17. Guh.

The pain.


Do you tweet about your crush? Let us know in the comments!

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