7 Things You Should Never Do After You Make A Move And Get Rejected

No one feels good after getting rejected. You can try and look at it positively and think that at least you now know for sure how your crush feels. And you can try to tell yourself that at least now you don’t have to waste any more time with your crush. But, it doesn’t stop the pain in your heart. I can relate. We all can. You put yourself out there and your crush shot down your advances. It stings.

There are better ways than others to let someone down, and there are also better ways to handle rejection than others. When you’re hurting, it’s easy to let your emotions get the better of you. Unfortunately when that happens, you can do some things you might regret later. These might be difficult to remember at the time, but try to remember these things as they will help you keep your reputation in check and make things less awkward between you and your crush. Here’s what not to do after you get rejected.

Freak Out And Yell At Your Crush

When you get rejected, it can be tempting to go on the defense. When people do that, they usually get a bit aggressive and tend to lose their cool. That's not what you want to do in this situation. You actually want to try and remain calm. If you go crazy, it will actually just reinforce to your crush that he/she made a wise decision in rejecting your move.

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Take Back Everything You Said

When dealing with rejection, it can be tempting to try and save face by saying that you take everything back. You might try to do it in a way where it looks like you were joking about the advance or you could do it out of anger. Either way, your crush will not believe you. He/she will know that your real feelings were what you said when you made your move. Taking it back won't earn you any favors.

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Start Insulting Your Crush

How would you feel if you rejected someone who just admitted their feelings for you then they started insulting you? You would probably raise an eyebrow and think they were a bit unstable, right? Therefore, don't do it. Insulting your crush will just come off as petty and like you're two-faced. It will also show that you cannot handle rejection.

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Tell Your Crush That He/She Will Majorly Regret The Decision

In your dreams, you might fantasize about your crush realizing that he/she made a mistake then beg you for forgiveness and ask you out. You can dream it, but do not tell your crush he/she will regret his/her decision about blowing you off. Don't do it immediately after being rejected and don't do it later. You're not a contestant on The Bachelor. When you say things like that, it will not reflect well on your character.

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Get Physical

I doubt you're the type of girl who would slap your crush for rejecting you, but I still want to have this point on the list because I'm also including things like throwing objects or stamping and kicking your feet. This is not a soap opera and you are not a child. Sometimes it helps people to release their emotions through their bodies, but do it through a run or by going to a gym and hitting the old punching bag. Do not start hitting the wall in front of your crush. It will not go down well.

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Try To Turn Other People Against Your Crush

I get that it's a blow to your self-confidence that your crush rejected you, but he/she did it for a reason. The overarching reason is that your crush doesn't have the same feelings as you. You cannot change the way a person feels in his/her heart so you shouldn't hold it against someone, especially if they were honest about their feelings. Trying to turn people against your crush because he/she rejected you is mean spirited and not right.

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Rant About It On Social Media

Ah, social media. It's a great space to express yourself, but I would strongly suggest that if you have to write down your feelings about your crush you do it in your private diary and never show it to anyone. You might think it's cathartic at the time to post about your experience on social media, but in a few days, you might majorly regret your decision. By then, it will be too late to undo. And even if you try to subtly throw shade or keep it anonymous, everyone, including your crush, will know exactly who you're talking about.

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How do you deal with being rejected when you make a move? Let us know in the comments!

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