16 Gorgeous Makeup Looks For Girls With Glasses

Do you wear glasses? If you do, I hope you own the look and play around with all of the different frame shapes, colors, and sizes. And I encourage you not to stop there. While you’re having fun with glasses styles, I want you to consider your makeup.

If you’re a glasses wearer, you might have heard some rules about what kind of makeup you can and can’t wear with your frames. I want you to forget about them. As a fellow glasses wearer, I know what it’s like to get hung up with all of these rules about what you “should” and “should not” do when wearing glasses for fear it will make your eyes look smaller or “closed in.” Bah. Makeup is supposed to be fun so if you love a color or a certain eyeshadow style, wear it with your frames and wear it without.

If you’re looking for some new makeup ideas to pair with your classes, you’re in good hands. Have a look at gorgeous makeup looks for girls with glasses brought to you by some gorgeous girls rocking their frames.

1. Wine Lipstick And Brown Eyeshadow

Remember this pretty look for your next night out.


2. Pale Pink Eyeshadow And Lipstick

Make dark frames pop with pale pink eyeshadow.


3. Soft Makeup

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You don’t always need to go with a strong makeup look to balance your frames.


4. Deep Peach Eyeshadow And Lipstick

This is a more intense “no makeup” makeup look.


5. Smoky Eyes

Don’t be afraid to smoke up your eyes with some dark eyeshadows.


6. Cat Eyeliner And Red Lipstick

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Go glam, girl.


7. Red Lipstick

Yes, you can wear red lipstick with glasses. Try matching it to your top.


8. Neutral Eyeshadow And Lips

If you’re going to rock fake lashes with your glasses, make sure they’re angled the right way so the ends aren’t going to hit your lenses.


9. Hot Pink Lipstick And Shimmering Eyeshadow

Ignore any rules that say you cannot wear bright, shimmering makeup and glasses.


10. Brown Lipstick And Eyeshadow

Do wear light glasses? Contrast them with a brown eyeshadow and lipstick.


11. Light-Orange Eyeshadow And Lipstick

You might not have thought a lip color like this would be flattering looking at the package, but her makeup shows how amaze it is.


12. Light Brown Eyeshadow And Medium Pink Lipstick

Grad student vibes ??✒️ I picked up these frames from @pavement_houston and threw on a simple eye look with The brown shade from the @juviasplace Zulu palette topped with the @colourpopcosmetics highlighter in teasecake on the center of my lid, in my inner corner and on my cheekbones, nose, and cupidsbow. As always I’m wearing the @nyxcosmetics total control drop foundation in vanilla and ready set gorgeous concealer by @covergirl in fair ??‍? I contour with nyx blush in taupe And fill in my brows with nyx’s auto eyebrow pencil in charcoal to help compete with the structure of the glasses and I left under my eyes bare to brighten ✨ #makeupforpaleskin #makeupjunkie #makeupforglasses #glassesmakeup

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This lip color will still work in a natural makeup look thanks to the subdued finish.


13. Coral Pink Lipstick

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Add a pop of color to your look with a bright coral lip color.


14. Shimmering Cat Eye

You see her makeup and you see the glasses. That’s exactly what you want.


15. Dark Brown Lipstick

Rather than enhancing your eyes, bring attention to lips with a brownish lippie.


16. Flirty Lashes And Soft Pink Lipstick

Those lashes though. It might be tempting to apply the lashes to the bottom lash line, too, but try just focusing them on the top.


Do you wear glasses? What kind of makeup do you wear with them? Let us know in the comments!

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