17 Cute Green Outfit Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

I cannot believe it, but we’re almost halfway through March. It’s going to be Easter before we know it. Before the Easter bunny comes, we have St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate. You might have bought a shamrock. Maybe, you’re busy trying to find your sparkly green face paint so you can decorate your cheeks with shamrocks. It sounds like you’re in the festive spirit, but don’t stop there. You also need to consider your outfit. And green is obviously the way to go—unless you want to be pinched.

Pink and purple get a lot of love, but I think green is just of stunning which works out nicely for St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re looking for some cool ways on how to wear the emerald shade, I’ve trolled Instagram to find some of the most fashionable green outfits. You’re welcome. Here are 17 (get it?) cute green outfits you will want to wear for St. Patrick’s Day…and the rest of the year.

1. Plaid Cape And Hat

This might be vintage, but you can copy this adorable outfit.


2. Green Scarf, Separates, And Check Coat

Stay comfortable in green athleisure wear. It’s not cheating if you wear a different color coat.


3. Green Top, Cropped Pants, And Bag

Notice the scarf tied around the handle of the bag? Stealing that style hack.


4.  Green Scarf And Skirt

Look at that color.


5. Green Striped Jumpsuit

Green stripes still count for St. Patrick’s Day.


6. Green Top And Jeans

Green passion. ??? #greenlook#coloryourlife#streetwear

A post shared by Adriana Lopes (@adrianaa_manuel) on

Don’t feel like wearing head-to-toe green? Just a vibrant top will do the trick.


7. Green Sweater And Skirt

Venus might not be St. Patty’s Day-themed, but when you look this fierce, it doesn’t matter. Besides, you’ll still be in green.


8. Green Blazer, Top, And Pants

They’ll see you coming in this look. Note the neutral accessories.


9. Green Jacket And Skinny Pants

Break up the green with a black top.


10. Green Top And Printed Skirt

If it’s cold outside, you can always add green tights and a cardigan.


11. Green Jacket And Shoes

Dare To Be Fashion #fashion #style #sporty #outfit #greenoutfit

A post shared by Novi Sinclaire (@fashionxbitxh) on

Cute and casual.


12. Green Coat And Beret

? #coatofmanycolors #hobbs #greenbeauty #greenlook

A post shared by Sophia☄MingyueLuo (@mingyuellll) on

You can add more green via your accessories.


13. Green Bomber Jacket And Khakis

Stylish from all angles.


14. Printed Green Blouse And Skirt

The purple tights (and hair) are unexpected, but it works.


15. Green Sweater And Stripes Shirt

Weekend look sorted ✨?? @ninasandbech

A post shared by Tallula London (@tallula_london) on

Note the different layers…and those boots.


16. Green Turtleneck, Skirt, And Heels



17. Green Jacket, Vest, And Socks

Proof you can rock a cute green look no matter the weather.


What’s your favorite thing to wear on St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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