What Does It Mean If Your Nipples Are Itchy?

Get ready, because it’s another day of boob questions. Whether you’re debating about whether you’re starting puberty, smack dab in the middle of it, or you hope that you’re on the other side, you probably have looked down at your boobs at some point and wondered what was going on and whether it was normal. And you’ve probably had those thoughts specifically about your nipples.

I recently discussed what could be happening if your nipples change shape. Today, I’m going to be discussing what the deal is if you find your nipples seem to be itchy and you have the urge to scratch your chest. Keep reading to find out what the deal is with itchy nipples.

Help! It seems like my nipples are itchy a lot. What’s up?

Well, there are actually a number of things that could be causing your itchy nipples. Some of them could be caused by external factors, you might actually be inadvertently contributing to the problem, or it could be your body being your body. You’re going to have to consider the options and what you could be doing and what stage of life you’re at.

Do you mind going into specifics?

Sure thing. One option could be that your nipples are itchy because of breast development. If you’re going through puberty, you might experiencing itchy, tender, tingling, or even sore nipples. The symptoms occur when breast buds start developing and the skin begins to stretch to accommodate the breasts. Some people might also experience itchiness on the entire area as opposed to just the nipples.

Good to know. What are some of the other options?

If you think that your boobs are already fully developed or you’re thinking there’s something more to your itchy boobs, there are some other options to consider. Anything that you put on your body could actually be causing the issue such as soaps, perfumes, or body creams. You should consider this especially if you’re using products with fragrances or dyes because they can sometimes lead to irritation.

Another issue could actually be the clothes that you’re wearing. Some people are sensitive to wool or artificial fibers (i.e. polyester) so they could be causing the itchiness. It could also be that your clothes/bra are too tight and the friction from them is making your nipples itch. Similarly, the cold weather and even eczema could be the culprits of your itchy nips.

You’ll have to do a bit of trial and elimination to see whether something you’re putting on your body is causing it.

Are there any other possible causes?

It’s rare, but Healthline reports that itchy nipples could be caused by breast cancer. Pregnancy and Mastitis, a breast tissue infection, can also lead to itchy nipples. You probably don’t need to worry about Mastitis being an option as it’s something new moms usually experience when they’re feeding and end up with a blocked milk duct or bacteria exposure.

Do I need to go to a doctor?

That is a personal choice. You’ll need to consider how itchy your breasts are and whether they’re impacting your daily life. You should also consider whether you have any other symptoms. If your nipples are also red or inflamed, you feel feverish, you have nipple discharge, or your nipples have suddenly changed shape, you should go see a doctor to ensure everything is okay.

Is there anything I can put on the nipples to make them less itchy?

You will want to be careful because you don’t want to put something on that could make the itching worse or lead to a reaction. Look out for gentle products that don’t have fragrances or dyes. You can actually find products that are specifically formulated for your boobs like the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm ($14.80). You might also consider checking out some of the nipple creams for new moms. If they’re gentle enough for babies, they should be gentle enough for you.

You can also try upping your water intake if you suspect the itchiness could be dry skin because the extra liquid can help keep your hydration levels where they should be.

Have you ever experienced itchy nipples? Let us know in the comments!

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What Does It Mean If Your Nipples Change Shape?

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