8 Ways To Make Your Relationship More Exciting That Don’t Involve Sex

When people talk about the start of their relationship, they usually talk about the attraction they felt to bae. And they’ll usually mention a *spark.* But, after you’ve been in a relation for a while, you might find that the spark you used to feel isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Don’t panic. There are different phases of a relationship, and you might just be moving from the so-called honeymoon phase where everything you and bae did was hot and you couldn’t stop gazing at each other, to a different phase where you form a deeper connection. It’s doubtful that you’re suddenly not attracted to bae anymore.

Of course, I’m sure that if I asked you whether you would still want that spark in your relationship, you would say yes. The good news is that there are a few easy things to do to *reignite* it. You know what’s surprising about it? You can increase the romance without defaulting to sex. Here are eight easy ways to bring the spark back into your relationship that don’t involve sex.

Go On A Proper Date Together

Have you and bae fallen into a phase where all you do is be lay around and enjoy Netflix? There's nothing wrong with that if it's what you love to do, but try to include some *proper* dates in your time together where you actually get out of the house. They don't need to be anything fancy and/or expensive. Go for a walk in the park, go get ice cream, go to the movies. You can even have a picnic. Just do something outside of the house that feels special.


Think About All Of Your Partner's Loving Qualities

When you're getting to know someone, you're often dazzled by all of their amazing qualities. Once you've been around each other for awhile, you can forget about those special things because you become used to them. Worse, you can forget about the charming qualities and focus on those irritating little things bae does. It's time to remember why you fell for bae. Think about why you love your significant other and why you're attracted to him/her. Some people also say it helps to think about the qualities you would be sad about losing if you ever split up.


Reminisce About Your Favorite Moments Together

While we're talking about remembering the good stuff, you should also try taking to bae about all of the fun, sexy memories you shared together. Bringing up the stuff in the past will make you feel connected. If you're concerned about bringing up the past because you think you have no steamy stuff going on the present, you can use the opportunity to plan some new special time together or a fun date.


Break Out Of Your Routine

As people, most of us love a routine, whether it's big or small. It gives us a sense of security and that's something we want in relationship. But, it's sometimes not the best thing for the spark. So, break out of the routine every once and awhile. Stop by bae's place unexpectedly. Do something you both never expected. Surprise bae with tickets to a movie. Throwing a curveball into your routine can actually help stroke the fire.


Check In With Bae To See How He/She Is Doing

Your significant other probably knows that you care very deeply, but finding little ways to show your appreciation and love can actually really resonate. On easy way you can get bae's attention is by checking in. Send a cute message when you're apart to see how bae is doing. If your SO mentioned something he/she was stressed about, follow up about. It will show that you were listening and that you care.


Make Sure You're Listening

Speaking of listening, I want you to make sure that you're actually doing this with bae. I want you to admit something right now: When bae is talking, are you always fully listening? Or, when bae is droning on about his parents or school stress, do you sometimes find that your mind is wondering? It can sometimes happen if you're not into the topic, but make it a conscious choice to stay focused. When you're listening, you'll feel closer. And you'll be able to ask questions or make comments which will make bae feel connected to you.


Have A Cuddle

I know I said that this post doesn't involve sex tips and I mean it. You will be surprised at how intimate having a cuddle *with your clothes on* with bae can be. Go outside and cuddle up on the hammock or simply curl up in bed with bae and watch a movie. If you fall asleep, it's actually a good thing. Studies show that people form deep connections actually sleeping together. Who knew?


Go Somewhere New

This goes along with surprising bae and breaking out of your usual routine. For your information, I'm not suggesting that you hop on a plane and jet across the world because I know that's not realistic. Instead, try going to a place that either you or bae, or both of you, hasn't been before. It could be a new farmer's market, a new restaurant, a different part of the city you've never been to, or even a different part of the park. Get creative.


How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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