7 Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Using You

When you get into a relationship with someone, you probably do it because you feel a connection. You do it because your motives are pure and you’re probably hoping to find a partner who you can rely on and work with as a team, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case for some people. Some people get into relationships for other reasons. And some of them aren’t that nice.

I know it’s crappy to think that someone would get into a relationship because it would benefit them in some way (i.e. money, fame, pleasure, popularity, etc.) but it can happen. Heck, there are cases where crushes can even use people.

It’s especially painful to think about in terms of the person you have feelings for, who you thought was a kind, loving person. However, it’s not good to keep your head in the sand. If you’ve been concerned that your SO is using you, listen up. Scroll through the gallery to see seven signs that your significant other might be using you. If bae ticks most of the boxes, you will need to decide whether you want to have a conversation with your SO and whether you want to continue this relationship.

Bae Rarely Asks How You're Doing

You and bae are supposed to be equals and in this relationship together, but can you think of the last time when bae showed concern for you? Do you remember bae ever showing concern for you? Does bae ever ask your opinions or feelings? Does he/she ever randomly text you to see how you're doing? If you're upset about something, is bae there? If you're shaking you head to all of the questions, it seems like bae could be using you.

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Your SO Always Wants Something When He/She Calls

When you hear from bae, is it normally because he/she wants something? Could it be for you to do a *little favor?* Does he/she need help with homework? Or, is bae calling you in the hopes that you can come over and hook up? If you cannot think of a moment where bae called just to chat, that's not the best sign. You'll want to think carefully about all the times bae called or messaged you and what he/she was asking for.

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Bae Is Only Attentive When It's Convenient

Does it sometimes seem like your SO has two different personalities? Is there the charming, attentive, loving side and the distant, cold one? If you're experiencing the two sides, think specifically about when you notice them. Does bae seem to magically turn on the charm when he/she wants you to do something or you've just done something? If you're upset or about to get into an argument, does the good side come out? The rest of the time, are you experiencing the icy version of bae? That's not the way it should be.

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Your SO Always Seems Busy

When you need your SO, is he/she there? Or, does it seem like he/she is AWOL? Everybody has busy lives, but bae shouldn't be so busy that you never see each other. If your significant other has feelings for you, he/she will make time to see you. Also, think about when the last time you went on a date together. If you don't really go on dates or hang out with other people, it does point to bae using you.

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Bae Doesn't Express His/Her Feelings

Does it sometimes seem like bae is a closed book and you never really know what's going on in that head? Some people are more reserved than others, but there could be more to the story than that. If you're noticing some of the other characteristics on the list, it might be that bae doesn't really have feelings for you in the same way you do.

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You Only Ever Get Messages At Night

If your significant other only messages you at night, it can be a major red flag, especially if he/she is only messaging you for a sex. If that's the case, you might just be seen as a booty call to bae. The only excuse bae has for never texting you during the day is if he/she is in some very intense course for 12 hours where no phones are allowed and there are no breaks.

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You've Never Met Your SO's Friends Or Family

Consider how long you've been going out with your significant other and how many friends and family have you met. If you've barely met any of them, that can signal that something is up. Also, think about how many of your friends and family bae has met. It's also crucial to note whether you've invited bae to meet your friends and fam, but he/she has blown the situation off or made excuses.

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Have you ever been concerned that bae is using you for something? Let us know in the comments!

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