15 Whisper Confessions That Sum Up How It Feels To Be Rejected

There are some peeps out there who say that it’s the worst to be the person who does the rejecting. If you’re the person who has been rejected then you are probably shaking your head or chuckling at the naivety of the situation because you probably know that getting rejected can feel like getting a dagger in the heart.

Getting rejected isn’t easy in any situation. You develop feelings for someone, get closer, and when you finally build up the courage to tell the person your true feelings, they shut you down. Guh. At that moment, you probably wish that you could melt into a puddle on the floor.

It’s awful, but would it make you feel better to know that you’re not alone? There are so, so many people out there who have dealt with rejection, many times. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get any easier, but hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

Take a look at 15 Whisper confessions that capture what it’s like to get rejected.

1. When you know you don’t need anyone, but…


Life’s complicated emotions.


2. The crush stress…


So true, so true.


3. When you channel the anger somewhere else.


Hands up if you know what they’re actually gonna get?


4. Can’t escape it.


Why do you have to be like that, dreams?


5. Don’t think it.


Body positive vibes only, ladies.


6. Dating. Is. The. Worst.


It’s official.


7. Flirting is hard enough.


It’s worse with a bad outcome.


8. It gets to you.


We cry because we have feelings.


9. No bueno?




10. Sums it up.


Brings up so many emotions.


11. Worrying about it is bad enough.


It’s crippling.


12. Just looking for a nice human being. 


Where are all the good people?


13. You’re not alone.


We can relate.


14. What comes around…


Get ready.


15. Sums it all up.


Why oh why?!


How do you deal with getting rejected? Let us know in the comments!

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