14 Hacks For Choosing The Right Makeup Colors For Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time figuring out what makeup colors are flattering. I definitely know whether I like a color or not, but I struggle with whether it’s the “right” color for me. I don’t really see how one color makes my skin look dull whereas another one makes my skin appear to radiate health and happiness. Normally, the only time I notice a color is wrong is after I’ve worn it a couple of times or I look at a photo of myself and wonder what’s up with the random lipstick shade.

Can you relate? You might have heard about choosing flattering makeup colors based on your undertone and whether you’re a “warm” or a “cool.” If it sounds like I’m speaking a funny language, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve heard of the terms but struggled to figure out what categories you fall into, I have some Pinterest hacks for everyone that will hopefully make life easier. Scroll down to see easy hacks for choosing flattering makeup colors. Have them as a reference the next time you’re shopping for lipstick.

1. Finding Your Undertone


You know how people talk about bluish lipsticks and warm-toned ones? This chart will help you decide what ones are for you.


2. Choosing Makeup For Your Skin Tone


This is what it actually looks like to choose makeup for your skin tone.


3. Lipstick Guide


An easy reference for those who prefer visuals rather than descriptions.


4. Warm Versus Cool


There are a few steps in this one, but it’s worth doing. The color wheels at the bottom are also very helpful for creating flattering makeup lewks.


5. Lipstick Color Names


Here’s what those descriptions actually look like.


6. Skin Tone Quiz


Who doesn’t love a quiz, especially one that will help you find your perfect match. It’s geared to Younique products, but you can use the answers for any makeup.


7. How To Use Color Correctors


Here’s what the deal is with color correctors and why it actually makes sense to apply purple and green to skin.


8. Best Eyeshadows For Your Eye Color


Finally, we don’t have to guess anymore. We can just use this guide.


9. The Best Blushes For Each Skin Tone


Wondering about your flattering blush color? Now, you have answer.


10. All The Fashion Colors


This answers all of the fashion and beauty color questions and whether you’re a fall or spring.


11. The Perfect Red Lipstick


Now that you know whether you’re warm or cool, you can choose your perfect red lipstick.


12. Warm And Cool Color Ideas


Remember these for clothes and makeup, okay?


13. A More Detailed Color Chart


Just in case you want to break things down further…


14. Color Seasons Guide


Decide once and for all what season you are based on the celebrity photos.


Do you have a hard time figuring out what makeup colors are flattering on you? Let us know in the comments!

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