8 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About Your Skin

We are sometimes so focused on loving other people, that we forget about the importance of self-love. Loving ourselves and feeling confident in our bodies is so important. People like to say that you cannot really love someone else until you love yourself. Not only that, when you love yourself, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll believe in yourself to go out and achieve your dreams. I might sound all corny at the moment, but it’s true.

In the spirit of self-love and body positivity, I’m here today to help you stop thinking about negative thoughts. I’ve previously talked about negative things you should stop thinking about your vagina and boobs. Now, I’m here to talk about the negative thoughts you need to stop thinking about your skin.

The vast number of beauty products available to target every little skin *problem* combined with the number of beauty tutorials that recommend you use eight different products to cover your skin have probably contributed to you feeling less-than-confident about your makeup-free face. It’s not right. Whether you’ve got oily skin, freckles, pale skin, and/or acne, you should love the skin you’re in. In the name of us all being more body (and face) positive, here are eight things you need to stop thinking about your skin.

That You Have To Wear Foundation

I've touched on this in the introduction. The more-is-more approach to beauty these days makes it seem *crazy* if we were to go out with natural skin. Really, there is nothing wrong with your skin. In fact, it's actually most beautiful when skin looks like skin. Skin is supposed to have pores and areas of light and dark. And it's supposed to have its own natural glow. It doesn't have to be covered up with makeup. You should wear makeup because you want to, not because you think you have to. There's a big difference.

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That Your Freckles Should Be Covered Up

If you have freckles, you probably wished that you didn't. You know what? Those of us who don't have freckles wished that we did. It always seems like we want what we don't have. Just think about all of the beauty trends where people have tried to mimic the look of freckles. If you've got freckles, love them. They're beautiful and your set are unique to you.

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That Your Red Cheeks Aren't Beautiful

Girl, you might not be thankful for your red face at the moment, but I want you to be. You have a natural flush. People buy blush and bronzers to fake that look. Rosy skin is the sign of health and youth. People spend a lot of money trying to get the look and you have it naturally so embrace it. Stop being so concerned with trying to cover up your redness.

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That Your Pores Are Huge

All of the pore minimizing products out there have probably made you concerned about such a tiny area on your face. When you're looking at your face in a magnifying mirror, everything looks supersized. Yet, if you were to ask anyone about your pores IRL, they would probably be confused because they have likely never noticed them. Your pores aren't huge. They're pores. You're not supposed to have an airbrushed complexion where you cannot see them.

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That Your Skin Is The Wrong Color

Do you ever wish that your skin wasn't so pale/dark/sallow/yellow/pink/bluish? I'm sure that I could insert any number of adjectives into the previous sentence and you have likely thought a couple of them at different points. It's time you stopped. There are so many different skin tones and they're all beautiful, and that includes the one you have. It's wonderful to celebrate other people's individual beauty, but it shouldn't be about comparing yourself to them and wishing you were different.

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That Your Dark Circles Are Ugly

Would you believe me if I told you that some places actually consider dark circles to be beautiful? It's true. Some people prefer to leave their dark circles uncovered because they feel the shadows make a person look mysterious. That's the type of body positive thinking that I can get behind. Keep it in mind. Instead of fighting with the dark circles, learn to love them.

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That Your Face Is Too Shiny

When you look at photos of yourself, is the first thing that you see a shiny forehead? Do you hate taking photos because of it? It might seem difficult right now, but I want you to stop being concerned with such a small thing. I get that it might be a big deal to you, but if you had dry skin, you would have your own share of itchy skin problems. Really. As I like to say, shiny skin is nature's low-key version of strobing and glossy makeup.

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That Your Skin Isn't Smooth Enough

I could go on a long rant about how Facetune and Photoshop have made us feel more self-conscious about what our skin is supposed to look like. The majority of photos on social media don't show skin the way skin it's supposed to naturally look. They show an airbrushed, filtered version. Skin isn't perfectly smooth. It molds to different parts of the face. It has beauty marks and freckles and different colors. That's normal.

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How do you focus on being more body positive? Let us know in the comments!

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