20 Style Tips On How To Wear Dresses And Jeans

There are pieces of clothing that you might love separately, but you would never think of wearing together. Think about a bathing suit with a puffy jacket or a floppy hat with a baseball cap. Those might seem pretty ridiculous, but sometimes a combination that seems like it should never work, actually ends up looking pretty cool. One of those combinations is dresses and pants.

I know what you’re thinking: A dress with pants?! I initially had that reaction, too. It seems like it should be one or the other…never both. Yet, there have been more and more looks on the red carpets, runway, magazines, and streets that show it can actually be a very cool look.

If you’re intimidated, I get it. If you tried layering any old dress with pants, you might have felt it was so, so wrong and you might have felt a bit frumpy. The key is getting the combination right without it being too bulky. Some contrast is good, but not being able to walk is bad. So, here are 20 style tips on how to actually wear dresses and jeans.

1. Striped Dress, Jeans, And Long Jacket

How I felt today waking up at 4am for work.

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I love how the cuffed jeans and the long check jacket add more different lengths to the look.


2. Printed Dress And Frayed Jeans

This is high-low fashion and I’m all for it. Notice the T-shirt under the dress?


3. Light Dress And Cropped Jeans

We’ve got some extra layers at play thanks to the cropped jeans and short jacket. P.S. I also love this pose.


4. Velvet Coat Dress And Light Jeans

It might be snowing outside but she looks red hot.


5. Check Dress, Jeans, And Boots

Can you see the hint of jeans? This is a preppy take on the layering idea.


6. Track Jacket, Sheer Dress, And White Jeans

This is such an unexpected combination, but it works.


7. Black Leather Jacket, Printed Dress, And Light Blue Jeans

Love the pieces together and I love that animal print. Awww.


8. Oversized Sweater, Sheer Dress, and Ripped Jeans

Layering ✖️✖️✖️ happy Saturday night guys!

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Yes, ripped jeans can work, too. Make sure your dress is short enough so you can actually see the rips.


9. Striped Blazer, Polka Dot Dress, And Blue Jeans

First day of half term nearly done and it wasn’t exactly how I visualised it! ? The bickering and not listening from the two ??’s was off the chart today ? I also ended up having little ‘to do’ with a man in a cafe (what is it with me and strangers in cafes, I promise it’s them and not me!!). ? Any way, tomorrow is another day and all that! Clashing a bit of vintage and modern today, all a bit mixed up, just like today! ? I hope you have all had a better start to the week! ?? #mondaymood #mondayfun #mumlife . . . #mondaystyle #vintagedress #vintagestyle #dressandjeans #wiwt #ootdshare #stylediaries #polkadotdress #polkadots #blue? #worthing #westsussex #blazers #instamum #lindybop #lindybopdress #newblogger #beautybloggers #over30style #beautyjunkie

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Notice the different prints, and those pink socks?


10. Snakeskin Dress And Cropped Jeans

Wear with boots now and the open shoes in the warmer weather.


11. Military Jacket, Sheer Dress, And Jeans

Choose a tunic length dress for an easy-to-wear look.  When you get comfortable, add in the knee-high boots and jacket.


12. Cropped Jacket, Short Dress, And Skinny Jeans

Maxis not your thing? Wear a mini dress with skinny tights. The jeans work as well as leggings.


13. Printed Dress And Blue Jeans

Still too cold to wear your favorite printed dress? Add some boots and skinny blue jeans underneath.


14. Long Black Dress And Blue Jeans

Dress down a sheer lace dress for day with your favorite pair of blue jeans.


15. Printed Dress And Khaki Pants

Technically these aren’t jeans, but this look still fits into the pants-and-dress look. And it’s too cute not to include.


16. Animal Print Jacket, Dress, And Rolled Jeans

There are a lot of layers happening here, but the orange-brown color palette keeps it together.


17. Open Dress And Jeans

scroll for [EN]⬇️ Salut les filles! ✌️️Je suis absolument fan du trend de cette saison où les designers nous proposent de porter une robe ensemble avec un pantalon (ou jean)? C'est vraiment pratique pour le climat belge du moment: quand tu as trop envie de sortir tes robes mais il ne fait pas encore assez bon pour les jambes nues et t'en as marre de porter les bas!?voilà la solution ➡️ mettez votre robe au dessus du pantalon ou du jean mais choisissez plutôt un model pas trop large?Ca donne super bien en plus! ?Essayez?? ————– Hi girls! ✌️️ I'm absolutely fan of the trend from this season when designers propose us to wear a dress together with pants (or jean) ? It is really useful for the belgian climate of the moment: when you really want to wear the dresses but the weather isn't good enough for the bare legs and you are tired of wearing tights! ?Here is the solution ➡️ put your dress over the pants or the jeans but rather choose a model not too wide?That looks pretty cool! ?Try it!??

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Got a shirtdress in your wardrobe? Wear it like a coat with jeans and a T-shirt.


18. Sheer Dress, T-Shirt, And Light-Wash Jeans

Dress up jeans and a T-shirt with a sheer dress. It adds layers minus the bulk.


19. Check Dress And Black Jeans

#tbt Love this look #thursday #instatbt #freedmode14look

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I am going to remember this look for summer. Notice how the dress has been unbuttoned on the button to better show off the skinny pants?


20. Gray Sweater, Sheer Dress, And Light Wash Jeans

A concrete concrete wall

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You know those sheer dresses you see in the stores and you wonder how you’re supposed to wear them? This is one cool way.


Have you ever considered layering dresses with jeans? Let us know in the comments!

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