How To Not Stress About Homework On Spring Break

You’ve been waiting since the start of the semester for a holiday. In fact, you’ve probably been counting down the days until spring break. Now that it’s finally here, you might find yourself less stoked about the days off thanks to all of the work you have to do.

I can definitely relate. When I was in school, I would eagerly await spring break because I knew it was a time I could relax and not have to stress about attending 9 AM classes. However, spring break sometimes didn’t feel like a break at all. It seemed like a time where teachers piled on the work to make up for the fact you wouldn’t be attended classes.

It’s a sucky situation. It stinks if you are trying to chill at home and it’s awful if you’re planning on going to the beach to soak up some sunshine. But, you don’t need it to ruin your vacation. No one wants thoughts of essays and math formulas circling their head their entire break. That’s not right. I want you to actually have a good time while making sure you’re ready for classes when they resume again. Here are ways to be less stressed about homework and spring break.

Get Your Assignments Done Right Away

This might not be possible if you're going away but try to get a chunk of your assignments done before you go. Why? It means you'll have less stuff hanging over your head when you're trying to relax at the beach. A lot of people go into party mode the minute they exit their last class, but it's best to hit the books while you're still in school mode instead of doing work when you get back from holiday.

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Write Out A To-Do List

You might think that a to-do list would make you more stressed out because it shows every single thing that you need to get done, but that's actually a good thing. Rather than having them all swirling in your head, you can see exactly what you need to do so you can make a game plan to get everything done. It will also feel very good when you cross off things on the list.

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Be Realistic About Your Plans

Good for you if you want to be ambitious and get a lot of work done/work ahead. I just want you to make sure that you're setting goals for yourself that are actually doable. If you set unrealistic ones, you'll be stressed and upset when you realize that there's no way of achieving them. For instance, if you have a lot of assignments to do, don't stress about doing extra reading. Focus on the things you actually have to get gone for a specific day.

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Give Yourself Some Chill Time

If thoughts of deadlines seem to swirl in your head, being on vacation won't mean much. You'll probably still be thinking about that essay, reading, and chemistry assignment. That's why I want you to actually make times where you don't think about school. It could be one or two days or it could be a set block of time every day. And I want you to make an effort to not break those times. Getting some space from thoughts of homework will actually help you.

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Do A Bit Of Reading Each Day

Sometimes, it's the reading that gets to people. The thought of having to finish a novel and/or a few chapters in that boring history book can be a big downer. The good thing about reading is that it can be done almost anywhere. Therefore, make a goal to read a certain amount each day. It could be 50 pages or to read for an hour. Just make sure you're not giving yourself too big of a goal. (Remember what I said about being realistic?) Doing a bit each day is better than trying to cram it all in and the end.

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Tackle The Worst, Closest Deadline First

Most people like to leave the thing they hate to last. The issue is it usually means you find yourself dreading doing it. So, switch things up and get it out of the way first. It will take some motivation, but it will be so worth it. Once you have that stressful deadline out of the way, the rest of your work should hopefully feel a lot easier.

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Know That You Deserve A Break

Listen up, sister, because I'm talking to you. Yes, you. You have been working very hard and I know that you're stressed about keeping your marks up, but everyone deserves some time off. That includes you. As amazing as you are, you're not a robot and you cannot be on all of the time. People actually benefit from taking a break, seeing different things and thinking about different topics. It will help you recharge your batteries so you can be more refreshed when you go back to your work.

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What are your homework tips for spring break? Let us know in the comments!

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