16 Fruit Tattoos That Are Adorable

Hands up if you love fruit? Even if you’re not exactly fond of eating it, I don’t want you to go away because you might like fruit when it comes in the form of a cute tattoo.

There are so many things to get inspired by with tattoos. Sometimes, the simplest everyday objects can make for the sweetest tattoos. Fruit is the perfect example of this. Just think about the number of health bloggers who spend ages photographing a single blueberry. You might be focused on the taste when you’re snacking on it, but when you see it in photos, you probably realize how pretty the humble blueberry is. Hopefully you’ll feel the same way when you look at different fruit tattoos.

If you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo, there are so many fruit tattoos to choose from. Stop for a sec and consider all of the fruits there are. Then you can think about the countless different tattoo styles, the ink placement, the size, the effect, and whether you want your fruit segmented, whole, or with a cartoonish face. And who says you have to stop at just one fruit? See what I mean, there are so many tattoo ideas in a fruit bowl. Keep scrolling to see 18 fruit tattoos that are oh-so-adorable.

1. Grapes

Grapes might not be the first fruit you think of, but I want you to consider them. Look at that ombre.


2. Peach

Pretty as a peach.


3. Watermelon Slice

That is one big, juicy watermelon slice.


4. Blackberries

These blackberries on a thorn are perfect for nature girls.


5. Multiple Fruits

For the person who loves all of the fruits.


6. Pineapple


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Who else wants to join the pineapple party?


7. Avocado

{ avocado ? }

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Remember that an avo is actually classified as a fruit.


8. Cherry

If you’ve got a cherry T-shirt, the next step could be a cherry tattoo.


9. Lemon

Who else hearts lemons?


10. Banana

Showing some love for all of the different fruits.


11. Plate of Apples

I’m obsessed with how real this ink looks.


12. Lime

Getting #fruity #limetattoo #tattoo

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This is freshly done, but it still looks amazing.


13. Pomegranate

See the pretty pomegranates among the blooms?


14. Strawberry

I couldn’t forget about strawberries. They’re a staple.


15. Peach

Looking for your next dainty tattoo? This is an option.


16. Strawberry


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Awwww. I love the cartoon effect.


17. Lemon

It doesn’t even need to be in color to be cute.


18. Blueberry

Don’t forget about blueberries, okay?


Have you ever considered getting a fruit tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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