Should I Talk To My Mom About Shaving?

When you’re going through puberty, there comes a time when you start noticing thicker hair appearing on all areas of your body. You’ll probably first notice it down there and on your legs. It’s a completely normal and natural thing and shows that your body is actually developing the way it’s supposed to. Yet, you might feel self-conscious about your hair and want to remove it, especially on places of your body it’s quite visible, like your legs.

If you’re wondering whether you should take matters into your own hands and start shaving or whether you should discuss it with your parents first, here is some advice:

I want to shave, should I talk it over with my parents?

It really is a personal decision. There are normally three camps of people: 1. The people whose parents covered the topic in their awkward puberty discussion. 2. Those who took matters into their hands, got a razor, and decided to shave their bodies without discussing it. 3. The people who talked to their parents or someone else like friends/cousins/older sisters about shaving.

There really isn’t a right or wrong group. It’s about doing what you feel is best.

I’d like to discuss it with my mom, but I don’t want it to be awkward.

I know that talking to your parents about anything remotely related to your body can be supremely awkward, but body hair removal is actually one of the least awkward conversations. It’s less painful than telling your mom you got your first period, talking to your parents about masturbating, or telling them you want to have sex.

It might be tempting to just take matters into your own hands and avoid the convo with your parents, but it’s actually a good place to start off because it can help you develop a more open, grownup relationship with your parents. Hopefully, it will someday make it easier to discuss other topics like the ones I mentioned previously.

What are the benefits to talking to my parents about shaving?

First of all, it shows that you’re being open and proactive with them which will hopefully earn you some credit. Second, they can offer you advice! Yes, there are lots of places you can get advice (*waves*), but having someone with you who can actually point out how to do something can make all of the difference. Not to mention that your mom most definitely knows a thing or two about shaving. You might think it’s a straightforward process, but there are some mistakes you can make which can lead to cuts and razor burn. Third, your parents might buy your razors and shaving cream.

What if I talk to my parents about shaving and they tell me I can’t do it?

I know that this definitely wouldn’t be the response you were expecting, and you will likely be very upset about it. It will be difficult at the time, but try not to overreact. Instead, try to explain to your parents the reasons that you wanted to shave and how you would feel more comfortable doing it. If you’re able to explain your points in a mature way without yelling and throwing things, they should hopefully see your side and agree with you.

What do you think about body hair removal and shaving? Let us know in the comments!

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