8 Signs You Might Get Back Together With Your Ex

When you break up with someone, your heart probably breaks at that moment whether you’re the one doing the dumping or getting dumped. What might help you get through it is that tiny glimmer of hope that you and your now-ex might someday get back together.

I don’t want you to get your hopes up that you will *definitely* get back together with your ex. When people breakup, a lot of the time that can be the end of a relationship. However, everyone is different, every relationship is unique, and you never know what circumstances can happen in your life. Sometimes, people might find themselves reconnecting with their exes and debating about getting back together.

There’s a big gap between being cordial with an ex and having feelings about getting back together just like there is a significant gap between thinking about it and actually doing it. That being said, there are some clues to look for that you and yor ex might actually give it another shot. Click through the gallery to see eight signs that you might get back together with your ex.

You're Always Checking In With Each Other

Think about how often you're communicating with you ex. Are you now at a point where you seem to be communicating almost as much as you did when you were in a relationship together? If it's not that much, do you regularly check in with each other and you're genuinely concerned with how your ex is doing? These are signs that you (and your ex) clearly want the other person still in your life and it might be enough to make you get back together.

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You're Very Open With Each Other

When people split up, they might be honest about the thing that broke the relationship apart. After that, they can be more guarded about their feelings to make it clear that there is distance between them. If you don't think you and your ex have that distance, consider why. Do you think that your ex is being very open and honest? Would you even say he/she is more honest now than when you were together? And would you say that you've been quite open with how you feel?

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You Hang Out When You're Not In Groups

It's not uncommon for exes to hang out in groups, but it's something different when exes hang out on their own. It's not a definite sign that you will get back together. It could be that you and your ex were partners and best friends so know you're focusing more on the friend aspect of your relationship. That being said, consider how often you hang out alone and what those situations are like.

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...And In Group Settings You're Always Together

Now consider what the is dynamic like when you're in a group setting with your ex. Do you stay on opposite corners of the room or do you usually end up being together regardless of how many other people there? Be honest here: When you're in that group setting, do you and your ex sometimes make it seem like no one else is in the room?

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You Talk About Your Future And Goals

Goals and talk of the future are topics that people in any relationship can discuss, but they can be significant when an ex is involved. Why? When you break up, it basically means that your futures will be separate. If you're now discussing the illusive future together, it could be a way of seeing what direction you're both heading and whether you're on the same path/you could make a relationship work.

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You Start Seriously Discussing Why You Broke Up

At the time, there was likely a discussion on why the two of you wanted to split. Now that you've had some distance, you might find yourselves going back to the breakup. It's actually an important sign because it shows that if you want to do this again, you want to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes in the past/ensure that this is actually a wise decision.

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You Find Yourselves Reminiscing About Old Times

You might have gotten to a point in your relationship where all you did was rehash all of the bad stuff that went on. When you're talking to your ex now, does it seem like you always end up discussing the good times from the past? If you're considering getting back together with your ex, it's obviously important that you don't ignore the bad stuff (see last slide) but focusing on the positive shows you might want to rekindle that good stuff.

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You Feel A New Spark

At the end of the relationship, did you feel like the connection you once had was long gone? Did it fizzle out? Now, do things feel very different? Do you find yourself feeling closer and more attracted to your ex? The key thing is, do you get the sense that your ex has similar feelings as you? Then there might be something there to be explored.

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Have you ever gotten back together with an ex? Did you end up regretting it? Let us know in the comments!

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