20 Style Tips On How To Wear Puffy Jackets

Sometimes, warm, puffy winter jackets are seen as the “I give up and accept winter is cold” piece. Yes, they’re practical, but stylish? Some would say not exactly, unless your fashion inspiration is the Michelin Man. I can definitely see their point, but I’m here to show that puffer jackets can be stylish, and not just in a Michelin Man sort of way.

Not only do puffy jackets keep you warm and toasty, they can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe. Printed pants? Yup. Jeans and a sweater? Yup. Skirts? Sure, why not? You might not believe me, but it’s this unexpected mix that takes puffer jackets from being a sensible staple into being a piece that’s both practical and cool.

To help you see how cool puffer jackets can be, scroll down to see 20 easy style tips on how to wear puffy jackets.

1. Puffer Jacket And Cropped Pants

Rare photo of me wearing a short jacket〰

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Don’t let that cool bag distract you from the rest of the chic elements in the outfit.


2. Pink Puffy Jacket And White Pants

#dirtydisco does camouflage. ?

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Who said you can’t wear white in the winter? Pah.


3. Red Puffy Jacket And Pom-Pom Hat

This is winter style at its best.


4. Red Puffy Jacket And Skirt

If it’s super cold, add tights or leggings to the lewk.


5. Mom Jeans A Puffy Jacket

Transitioning into spring?  Try a puffer jacket with cropped mom jeans and dad sneakers.


6. Metallic Puffy Jacket And Pink Sweater

You don’t need to own a metallic puffer. You can take inspiration from this look by matching your sweater to your puffy jacket.


7. Beige Puffer Jacket And Skirt

No need to give up skirts in the winter.


8. Pale Pink Puffer Jacket And Matching Hat

Snuggle up in a cozy pink puffy jacket with matching hat. Cropped pants or leggings complete the look.


9. Khaki Puffy Jacket And Leather Pants

Contrast the puffiness of a jacket with leather (or leather-look) pants.


10. Velvet Puffer Jacket And Cropped Pants

Where have velvet puffer jackets been all of my life?


11. Pink Puffer Jacket And Red Turtleneck

Off to Stockholm, which I’m pretty sure is in Sweden ????????????

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I love this color combination with the red shoes and turtleneck. And then there are the frayed jeans.


12. Beige Coat, Yellow Sweater, And Jeans

Brighten up a neutral puffer jacket with a cheerful sweater.


13. Yellow Puffer Jacket, Check Pants, And Baseball Cap

You can still stay warm in a cropped puffer. This one has a preppy-sporty vibe thanks to the accessories.


14. Puffy Jacket And Long Skirt

A day in New York City wearing @toastsociety with @cvazzana ✨

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You might not have thought of this combination, but it’s so glam.


15. Blue Puffy Jacket And Black Co-Ords

Keep things cozy by pairing your puffer jacket with cropped sweatpants and a hoodie. Bonus points if you match your shoes to your jacket.


16. Baker Boy Hat, Puffy Jacket, And Frayed Jeans

I want to live in this outfit.


17. Dark Purple Puffy Jacket And Red Boots

Never forget about your accessories.


18. Coral Puffer Jacket And Cuffed Jeans

Keep things preppy with cropped jeans and white sneakers.


19. Yellow Puffy Jacket And Athletic Pants

This is glam athleisure.


20. Pink Puffy Jacket And Striped Scarf

Make your jacket pop by coordinating all of your accessories with it. Notice how even the sunglasses are pink?


What outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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