8 Signs Bae Isn’t Being Honest With You

Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship, if not the top thing. If you don’t have it, having a proper, intimate, loving relationship can be pretty difficult, if not impossible. If you’ve ever questioned bae’s honesty, then you will know where I’m coming from.

It’s very painful to realize that a person you’ve put your trust in many not be completely honest with you. It’s hurtful when it’s a friend, family member, or acquaintance, but it stings that much more when you’re thinking about your SO. After all, he/she is supposed to be your partner in crime.

It might be tempting to ignore your uncertainty about bae’s feelings and pretend that everything is okay, but that’s not good for you or your relationship. If you’re questioning whether bae is actually being honest with you, pay attention to these things because they can point to dishonesty. If bae ticks some of the boxes, they should hopefully help you decide what to do next, even if it might be painful. Here are eight signs that bae might not be being honest with you.

Bae Is Vague About A Lot Of Things

Are there things that you still have no clue what's actually going on? When bae talks and/or answers questions, does he/she tend to give the gist of things, if that? Do you ever get days, people, or places, or is it basically just a one-sentence description of what happened? If bae is consistently vague, particularly about certain topics, it's likely he/she is hiding something from you.

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...Or Unnecessarily Detailed

On the flip side, do you notice that your significant other gives very, very detailed answers to things? You might find that bae does a combination of this one and the previous one. Some people might like to talk thoroughly about topics they're passionate about, but if the details are about things like what bae was doing, or his/her plans, it could be that he/she is lying to you. Bae could also be sharing random details about things in the hope that it will get you off his/her trail of what is actually going down.

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Bae Seems Very Stressed Or Different

Think back to the start of your relationship. Would you say that bae is about the same or has his/her personality changed? If you find that bae is quieter or more stressed than before consider why. If there's not any obvious source of stress in bae's life like exams, trouble with a siblings, etc. it could be from keeping a secret from you.

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Bae Accuses You Of Being Paranoid

Have you attempted to confront bae about what's going on in your relationship and he/she tried to turn it around on you? Or, has your SO randomly brought up how you seem to be paranoid? If you are just expressing your feelings and concerns for what is going on and you feel that your SO is being a bit over-the-top or unnecessarily focused on the subject, it's a sign that he/she is hiding something.

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Your SO Is Being Protective Of His/Her Phone Or Computer

Electronics are great for communicating, but unfortunately they can be used to do a lot of dishonest stuff. Consider how bae is with his/her phone or computer and whether it has changed over time. Is bae always on his/her phone now and if you try and touch it, he/she gets very defensive? Do you know bae's password, or would bae never dream of sharing it with you? Does it seem like bae is constantly messaging someone when you're around, but doing it at discreet moments? These are red flags.

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Bae's Stories Don't Quite Add Up

Has bae told you what you thought was a legitimate story, but when you think about it later, things don't seem to add up? Did something your significant other said conflict with what he/she said before? And if you were to bring it up, would bae laugh it off or refuse to fully answer the question? Or, would he/she say you're being paranoid? Pay attention to whether what bae says follows a pattern or whether there are random bits of information that change or don't make sense.

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Your SO's Body Language Is Different From What He/She Is Saying

As they like to say words are wind. You can say just about anything with conviction, but it's often body language that reveals a person's true feelings. Pay attention to things like whether bae has his/her body facing towards you when you're talking, or away. Also, note how often bae covers his/her mouth when speaking. That is often a sign that someone is lying.

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Bae Doesn't Really Answer Your Questions

Does bae actually answer questions or does your SO sound like a celebrity where he/she *responds* with a non-response? Are you actually getting the answer you want, or are you getting a long-winded explanation that tells you nothing, or a half-answer that leads the conversation in another direction? Pay attention to this tactic because bae might be trying to trick you.

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Have you ever been concerned bae wasn’t being honest with you? How did you deal? Let us know in the comments!

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