17 Cool Shoulder Tattoos To Inspire You

Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos. There are just so many options to choose from. There are countless designs from hearts to flowers to unicorns to space symbols to, you get the idea. And just when you’ve finally narrowed down what you want to get a tattoo of, it comes time to choosing a spot. You might be leaning towards a trendy area like the wrist or even the ear, but I’d also like you to consider a shoulder tattoo.

Hold it right there. Shoulder tattoos are not just for beefcakes who wear man tank tops and spend every waking moment at the gym. They’re for everyone. And there are some very pretty, girly options.

Shoulder tattoos are amazing because they look great with all different types of tops and you can play around with the placement of them. You can have one that extends down your arm or towards your collarbone. Or, you can have one on your shoulder blade. There really are no limits. It’s all up to you and your imagination. Get inspired with these 17 cool shoulder tattoo ideas.

1. Astrology Tattoo

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Where are all my astrology fans at?


2. Snoopy

Proof that all shoulder tattoos doesn’t need to be massive.


3. Mountains

Not your average landscape tattoo.


4. Watercolor Tulip

Do you see the flower?


5. Dream Quote

Those are some wise words right there.


6. Flying Butterflies Tattoo

Dude, these butterflies actually look real.


7. Flower And Quote

The best way to end a quote is with a flower. FYI: It means “Stay strong.”


8. Flower Tattoo

Don’t let the butterflies distract you from the oh-so-pretty ink.


9. Love Yourself

Another great quote tattoo with unique placement.


10. Mandala Tattoos

Mandalas are another popular tattoo. When they look this pretty, you can see why.


11. Black Linework Flowers

Flowers are a popular tattoo option, especially for shoulder tattoos. The monochromatic color palette is a nice change.


12. Watercolor Peter Pan Tattoo

For all of the Disney fans.


13. Falling Cat

I know this is still healing, but it’s so cute that I had to include it.


14. Skull and Woman

Create your own story off of this tat.


15. Harry Potter Trio

Did you get the meaning behind each tattoo without looking at the caption?


16. Kitty Cat Paws

One for all the animal lovers. Feel free to adjust the paws according to your favorite animal.


17. Moon and Rose

There’s so much you can read into this.


Have you ever considered a shoulder tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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