14 Whisper Confessions About Breaking Up That Are Real AF

It was just Valentine’s Day which means that if you’ve recently gone through a breakup, you’re probably feeling a bit down and alone. I want you to cheer up, girl. I know that it can be hard to do with all of the photos of couples looking lovey-dovey at V-Day meals, but you’re not alone. There are plenty of people who have gone through the same thing as you. In fact, there are lots of people going through it right now.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling isolated or like there’s no one else that understands what I’m going through, it can be sooooo helpful for me to hear that there are people in similar situations — or they’ve been through it and overcome it. That’s why if you find yourself suddenly single, it can be helpful to hear other people’s honest accounts of breakups. And where better to that then with the Whisper App?

People are able to share their anonymous, honest confessions about how it feels to breakup with someone. Hopefully when you read them, you will take comfort that there are others like you and everyone will get through it. Promise. Have a look at Whisper confessions that get real about what it’s like to break up with someone.

1. That is some very real stuff, there.


It’s about your happiness, too.


2. Need more brain capacity.


Why do exes have to take up so much brain space?!


3. Looking for an answer here?


Need some advice…


4. It’s an unfortunate reality…


If only we could shut our minds off.


5. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


This gets me where it hurts.


6. Trying to act cool, but still hurting.


It’s the stuff on the inside that gets you.


7. So many valid points.


Hands up if you can totally relate?


8. Why does there have to be someone else?


It makes it even harder.


9. Things just got deep here.


So true.


10. The post-breakup viewing kills.


Might be less painful to never see exes.


11. Ouch.


Breakups. Are. The. Worst.


12. It’s the worst when you’re not expecting it.


Would some clues have been better?


13. Love hurts.


And it’s being scared that can be the worst feeling.


14. Guh.


*Inserts all of the broken heart emojis*


How do you feel when you break up with someone? Let us know in the comments!

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