6 Things You Should Never Do To A Hickey

People love a good hookup, but they don’t exactly want evidence of it — especially highly visible evidence. That’s right, people, I’m talking about hickeys.

Love bites, hickeys, sucking marks, call them whatever you want. They’re still trouble. Having someone suck on your neck might feel *amazing* in the moment, but you’ll likely be a lot less cool about it when you have a big, fat, vampire-like bite on your neck. Sigh. Once you see that mark, you’re looking for ways to hide that hickey ASAP, because there are only so many times you can use the “I burned myself with the curling iron” excuse.

There are some effective ways you can conceal that hickey, but there are some things that you should not do to a hickey. They could actually make the situation worse. Listen up, these are things that you should never, ever do to a hickey.

Pop It

Stop right there. You should not pop hickeys just like you should never pop zits. You might have come across someone on the internet telling you to pop a hickey. And they probably warned you it would hurt like crazy, but you should do it anyway, DO NOT. A hickey is broken capillaries under the skin. They break from all of the sucking so putting more pressure on the area will make things worse.  It definitely won't heal your capillaries.

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Pick It

No, no, no. This is as bad as popping. Picking a hickey will make it worse. In fact, it could even lead to other more serious problems. Besides, there's nothing really to pick at as the damage is done below the skin. You're not going to keep digging until you come across broken capillaries because that would result is a major open wound and a lot more trouble.

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Keep It Tightly Bandaged

I know that you're probably thinking that you must cover that hickey up and keep it covered, but you want to make sure you don't put anything on it that restricts the neck. Part of the hickey healing process involves getting the blood flowing again so anything too tight could restrict it. That means your hickey will take longer to heal. At night, it's a good idea to take whatever you have covering up your hickey off so your skin can breathe.

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Touch It With Dirty Hands

Hickeys can be treated by applying things like ice or a compress on them, but the key thing is that your hands are clean before you go anywhere near your hickey. Touching your hickey after eating a taco is not a good idea. You want your hands to be clean so you're not spreading any germs to the area.

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Use Skin Bleaching Creams On It

No, dude. All of those bleaching creams for buttholes and nipples are already questionable to begin with. You shouldn't go putting them on other parts of your body. Besides, skin lighteners won't really have much of an effect because the dark bruise is below the surface. Stick with your concealer to hide your love bite. It does the job.

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Use Any Dirty Tools

This might sound obvious, but it needs to be said. Some people recommend using a cold spoon on the hickey or treating it with a toothbrush. The spoon helps reduce swelling while *gently* brushing the hickey with the toothbrush stimulates blood flow. No matter what one you do, you want to make sure your tools are sterilized before using them on your neck. Better yet, get a new toothbrush. Do you really want to put a toothbrush back in your mouth that was on a hickey?

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If you get a hickey, how do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments!

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