17 Pretty Ways To Wear Red Lipstick

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of cupids, random things decorated with hearts, chocolate, and red lipstick. Cupids and random things getting romant-ified don’t exactly work the rest of the year. (To be honest, making soup and Minions romantic doesn’t really work anytime.) But, red lipstick and chocolate definitely work all year around.

Today, I’m going to focus on red lipstick. There are lots of shades of lipstick, especially thanks to the recent obsession with rainbow lipsticks, but red is a timeless shade. It’s a must-have in any makeup kit, just like mascara or a good concealer. Not to mention that red lipstick is glamorous, classy, romantic, elegant, and super chic. Plus, it’s relatively easily to apply in comparison to strobing and contouring. I’m not done yet. Red lipstick also looks good with almost any other makeup.

You might have a go-to combination for your red lipstick, but I encourage you to play around with some different looks, like these. Here are 17 pretty ways to wear red lipstick for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

1. Red Lipstick And Black Mascara

R u ready for it? ? #selfie #redlipstick

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Simple, but oh-so-pretty.


2. Highlighted Inner Corners And Red Lipstick

It’s about the eyes and the lips.


3. Pinkish Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick

This is an unexpected color combination, but it works.


4. Red Lipstick And Gold Eyeshadow

I’m obsessed with this look.


5. Red Lipstick And Black Liner

Give the flick a rest and try a thick line of black liner.


6. Red Lipstick And Contouring

Don’t forget about your cheeks.


7. Red Lipstick And Rust Eyeshadow

Lollipop lollipop lolli lollipop ??

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It’s time to wear that reddish brown eyeshadow you have in your palette.


8. White Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick

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Bonus points if the shadow has sparkles in it.


9. Silver Shadow And Red Lipstick

If you loved the white, how about silver?


10. Bold Brows And Red Lipstick

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Here’s how to pull off red lipstick, anytime, anywhere.


11. Brown Smoky Eye And Red Liptsick

Hello, romance.


12. Red Lipstick And Red Eyeshadow

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Don’t be afraid to match your lips and eyes.


13. Bold Brows, Flirty Lashes, And Red Lipstick

This has a retro vibe that I’m loving.


14. Red Lipstick And Brown Eyeshadow

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15. Red Lipstick And Winged Liner

Notice the shape of the liner?


16. Ivory Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick



How often do you wear red lipstick? Let us know in the comments!

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