7 Signs You Need To Practice More Self-Care

“Self-care” has become a bit of buzzword much like “unicorn,” “paleo,” and “holographic.” You might have rolled your eyes when you heard all of the health addicts on your Insta preaching about it being the thing. I get where you’re coming from. It seems like all they do is jump from one green and clean wellness trend to the next. However, self-care actually isn’t a trend, and it’s something that everyone can use a bit, nay, a lot more of in their lives.

Self-care basically means that you need to take more care of yourself. That’s something that we can all do given our constantly on, never-have-enough-time-to-do-anything, unstable lives. Often, we can identify when other people need help and love, but we turn a blind eye to ourselves. It’s time that changed.

I want you to look out for yourself, girlfriend, because when you’re at your best, you’ll be able to help others. Here are seven signs you need to focus on more self-care.

How do you practice self-care? Let us know in the comments!

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