7 Little Ways You’re Ruining A Kiss

Thanks to the romantic images that movies have planted in our heads, we’re so focused on having the ~*perfect*~ kiss. We want everything to be absolutely amazing with the right instrumental music, dramatic sunset, and doves flying away in the background. It puts so much pressure on ourselves. Not to mention that it makes us so focused on having this epic kiss that we can overlook the little things that we’re doing wrong.

Forget about sourcing birds and smooching in an Instagram-worthy location. It’s time to focus on some kissing basics. If you’ve looked at some tips on how to be a good kisser, you should also look at kissing mistakes because it’s often the little things that can make-or-break a kiss. Here are seven little ways you’re ruining a kiss.

Being Too Aggressive

Some people might be into a bit of biting or some hot-and-heavy kissing, but you don't want to go too intense, even if bae likes it a bit rough. You don't want to injure bae's tongue with your teeth or leave an open wound. In general, it's best to err on the side of caution than get too into it. Plus, too aggressive of a kiss can make it seem like you're trying to jam your tongue down bae's throat. Not hot.

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Not Opening Your Mouth Enough

You know the frustration you experience when you're trying to shove all of your crap in your locker, but nothing seems to fit? That's what it is like kissing someone who doesn't open their mouth enough. I get that you might not want bae's tongue and teeth all up in your space quite yet, but your lips do need to be parted and they do need to be relaxed. Otherwise, it will seem like bae is kissing some plastic doll. Ick.

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Opening Your Mouth Too Wide

Chill out. You're not trying to swallow the person whole. Keeping your mouth closed isn't pleasurable for anyone, but you also want to make sure that you don't open your mouth too wide. You're not at the dentist. You also don't want to make your jaw sore. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience so gently open your mouth to a place it feels comfortable. If you can swallow your SO's chin and nose, your mouth is probably open too wide.

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Doing The Same Thing Over And Over

You're not a robot so try to switch things up. Don't be scared that you might do something wrong. If you alternate things and it doesn't work out, you've learned something. Or, you can alter it to make it more enjoyable. Even something simple as switching your position or angle can make a difference. Otherwise, it can feel like you're poking the same spot of bae's mouth with your tongue.

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Not Changing Up Your Speed

This goes back to doing the same thing over and over. Switch it up. Go fast then go slow. Go one way, then go the other. Even if you're doing something *amazing,* it will probably end up being monotonous if you do it the entire time you're making out. FYI: An old move can feel like new when it's slowed down or sped up.

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Leaving Your Eyes Completely Open

If you've watched enough rom-coms, you will know that the couple have their eyes closed in the oh-so-romantic kissing moments. I can understand that you don't want to go into this blind, especially if you're not as experienced, but having your eyes wide open can freak the other person out. It's okay to look through your lashes and open your eyes here and there, but having them open the whole time might scare the other person.

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Forgetting Your Normal Body Functions

If bae is into you, he/she probably won't really care about garlic breath. What he/she will care about is if you don't breathe and pass out during your hookup. Similarly, your SO probably won't be into the idea of you slobbering into his/her mouth because you forgot to swallow. I know that you can get swept up in the moment, but you need to remember to breathe and swallow.

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