7 Negative Things You Need To Stop Thinking About Your Boobs

It’s too bad we’re all not born with a love for our bodies. They’re actually things that allow us to accomplish so much. However, a lot of the time we don’t recognize how great they are. Instead, we get hung up on our so-called *flaws.* Everyone will have moments where they don’t feel great about themselves, but I want you to have more body positive days.

I’ve previously talked about the negative things we need to stop thinking about our vaginas, now I’m bringing the focus to boobs. There are many different types of boobs we can have, and it’s time we appreciate the tatas we have along with all of the other versions. Here are seven negative things you need to stop thinking about your boobs right now.

That Your Nipple Are Too Big

I could devote an entire post to negative things we need to stop thinking about our nipples. No matter the size of people's nipples, it seems like they're always complaining that they're too big. This needs to stop. Wherever we got the idea that small nipples are in, needs to be abandoned. Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, like breasts, and we should love what we have.

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Your Boobs Are The Wrong Size

It can sometimes seem like everyone wants what they don't have. Girls with small boobs want bigger ones and vice versa. No matter where you fall, I want you to start loving your boobs for the size they are. You don't need to enhance them or make them look smaller. The size of your boobs is perfect. Got it?

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Guys Will Find Your Boobs Weird

No, girl. Stop right there. If someone is attracted to you, male or female, they will not find your chest weird. And if anyone were to ever make a negative comment about your boobs, you should kick them to the curb. Anyone who doesn't appreciate what you have is so not worth your time. Your boobs are yours and they're awesome, okay?

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Your Nipples Are The Wrong Color

There isn't one color that nipples are supposed to be. Don't let all of those ridiculous whitening, bleaching, and pink-enhancing products make you think otherwise. There are thousands of different skin tones so obviously there is going to be a variation in the different nipple colors. Be happy with what you have and stop stressing if you think your nips and too light or dark.

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Your Boobs Are Weird Because They Have Hair

I've said it before, but I will say it again. Body hair is a completely natural thing. It can grow on pretty much any part of your body and that includes your boobs and nipples. There's no need to feel ashamed about it or that something is wrong with you. It's a normal thing so don't feel that you have to remove it.

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Your Boobs Are The Wrong Shape

If you've finally come to terms with the size of your breasts, you might start thinking about how you wish you could change their shape. Hold up. Your breasts are fine the way they are. There is no ideal shape. Don't listen to porn or the media. What's more, boobs aren't supposed to be perfectly identical or symmetrical.

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That You Need To Change Your Boobs

You are a unique person and so are your boobs. Embrace them. There's no one else who has your chest and that is a good thing. Don't think that you need to change your boobs in any way to conform to anything. That includes stuffing your bra, bleaching your nips, cleavage contouring, or breast augmentation. Love what you have.

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What other bad negative things have you thought about your boobs? Let us know in the comments!

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