6 Sneaky Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

Getting over a breakup is hard AF. Even if you’re the one who decided to break things off with your ex, it can be a challenge. Suddenly, you find yourself single again, and you have all this extra time. Not to mention that it constantly feels like you’re missing something. Just talking about it makes my heart ache a bit.

All breakups take time to heal. For some people, it can take a really long time. Everyone’s different as it depends on the relationship you had and how things ended. There could also be times when you think (and hope) you are over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, but in reality, you might not be.

Have a look at six subtle sign that you’re not completely over your ex.

You Look At Your Ex's Social Media Accounts

You might not think that this one is a big deal considering you look at everybody's social media feeds, but it is. Because, why would you really want to look at your ex's? What good could come of it? It's not like you're together anymore. If it hurts just to read that line, it's a sign that you're not completely over your ex.

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You Find Yourself Comparing People To Your Ex

Have you been considering dating again? When you look at potential partners, do you find yourself comparing them to your ex to see how they stack up? Are you even comparing random people on the street to your ex? It doesn't really matter if you're comparing your ex's good or bad qualities. The fact that you're thinking about him/her when looking at other people likely shows you're not completely over the break up.

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You Keep Wondering What Went Wrong

Are you trying to figure out *exactly* what happened in your former relationship? Do you tell yourself that it's so you don't make the same mistakes in your new relationship? You can treat this as a red flag if you're focusing too much on it. If it has been months and you keep wondering what happened between you and bae, it might actually be best if you let it go. At this point, you might still be harping on it in the hopes you could find something to bring the two of you back together.

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You Haven't Deleted His/Her Phone Number

Why are you keeping that number on your phone? Be honest with me. Are you trying to justify that you might need it in an emergency someday? Does it hurt you to think about deleting all of bae's messages? No matter what you're going to say, part of the reason you haven't deleted that number is you're not ready which means you're not completely over your ex.

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You Wonder What Your Ex Would Think After Doing Something

Do you hope that something you will do will get his/her attention? It doesn't matter if it's negative or positive. Do you find yourself doing little things and thinking, *I wonder what my ex would think of this?* Consider how often you think it. If you think it occasionally, it shows you're healing well. If you think it most of the time, it shows that you're clinging to your old relationship.

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You Do Things Hoping To Make Your Ex Jealous

Are you spurred to do things because you think (and maybe hope) that they might make your ex jealous? Like the last point, it's not the best to think about your ex after doing something. It's even worse if you're motivated to do something by your ex. It might be hurtful to hear, but your ex isn't in your life anymore so you should not be doing things to make him/her jealous. It shows you haven't moved on.

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Do you find yourself comparing your relationship with your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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