8 Cliche Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Actually Amazing

It’s early February, which means that people are doing their Valentine’s Day shopping. It also means that the stores are full of the usual V-Day gifts, like roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and stuffed bears holding hearts. If you’re clueless about what to get, you can just go to any store’s Valentine’s Day section and there should be something classic that’s decorated with the heart to suit the occasion. And you know what? Sometimes there isn’t anything with getting one of those gifts.

It takes the pressure off of people who are searching for unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Some might call it cliche or expected, but I like to think of it as tried-and-true. Besides, if it’s something that the other person likes, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it better to get bae a gift you know he/she is going to enjoy rather than something that’s different just to be different? Wouldn’t you like to receive something classic rather than some random?

There are some typical Valentine’s Day presents that are best avoided (looking at you candy hearts that taste like chalk), but there are some traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that work every time. Here are eight cliche Valentine’s Day gifts that are actually amazing.


Even if you don't consider yourself to be a *flower girl,* you are probably filled with joy when you get the delivery or bae surprises you with a single-stemmed flower. It's hard not to be. Yes, flowers don't last forever and it can be tricky to know how to care for them, but they have that old school romantic vibe that's perfect for Valentine's Day...or any day of the year.

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Who is ever going to mad about getting a box of chocolates? Not me. The only time someone might be disappointed is if they were given an open box of Valentine's Day chocolates from 2014. If that were the case, there are obviously some issues to be dealt with. Otherwise, we'll be thinking about bae every time we munch on that delicious chocolaty goodness.

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A Romantic Card

We are so used to electronics nowadays that cards have become even more meaningful. It requires no time to text a heart emoji, but it takes effort to go to the store to buy a card or even make one. Cards are welcome whether they have a standard Hallmark message or bae has written one him/herself. As long as it shows how they feel, we'll heart it. There are also lots of cards to suit everyone's personality from funny ones to naughty ones.

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A Poem

Those who are anti-Valentine's Day don't like that it has become a commodity. They say it should be about celebrating romance all year long. But, if bae needs the special day to produce a romantic poem, who is going to complain? You might find romantic poems sappy, but when bae has taken the time to make one just for you, I bet you'll love it.

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Jewelry is a special gift. It doesn't matter how expensive or how big the piece is. It might be something that a lot of people get on Valentine's Day, but it's special because it has been picked out by bae from thousands of possibilities. Every time you wear the piece, you can think of bae's love and your special connection.

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Something Homemade

Receiving something homemade for Valentine's Day is priceless. Think about it: You've just been given something that no one else in the world has. How cool is that? Bae also took the time to craft it for you. Even if it's not 100 perfect straight, or one part is a bit wonky, it's still infinitely better than any mass-produced thing bae could get in the store.

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Makeup is tricky to buy because how can another person know exactly what colors you like? Perfume is normally a great option and a welcome one. It's romantic, chic, and the recipient can place it on their dresser and think of bae every time they see and wear it.

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A Romantic Meal

A romantic meal is a no-fail regardless of where it's at. If it's at home, it will be very intimate and special. On the off chance all of the food gets burned, it's not that big of a deal because you can skip right to *dessert.* If you're at a restaurant, you might feel a bit tacky eating with all of the other couples, but you won't notice them when you're enjoying the delicious food and bae is whispering romantic things in your ear. Hello.

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What do you think is a great Valentine’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments!

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