7 Weird Things You’ve Probably Thought About Your Vagina

Before we become familiar with something, we have a lot of thoughts on the subject. And it’s only after we experience something and/or get to know it better that we realize just how far off some of our original thoughts were. Consider the things you thought about kissing before you smooched for the first time, or what you thought a ~*sexy*~ word meant until you Googled it. I’m sure you also thought some interesting things about your vagina, too.

Our vaginas might be parts of our bodies, but sometimes it takes living with them for a lot of years before we begin to understand them. Just when we begin to get familiar with them, we will realize that there’s still a lot to discover. That’s why, there’s nothing wrong with opening up your legs and taking a look down there, or masturbating to discover what you like and don’t like.

If you’ve gotten in touch with your body, have been reading Gurl, and paying attention in health class, you’ve probably come to the realization that some of the things you thought about down there were a bit off. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Here are seven weird things that you probably thought about your vagina. Let’s remember and have a little chuckle at some of them.

That You Pee Out Of Your Clitoris

Did you ever really stop to think where the pee came from? It's not like you were trained to look down there when you were peeing. Therefore, you probably assumed that you peed from your clitoris since it seemed like a logical spot for pee to come out of. And so did a lot of other people.

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That You Had A Mini Penis

You might have to think back a few years for this one, but I bet you thought of it at one point. When you were learning about human bodies when you were little, did you get the idea that your vag was basically just a tiny version of a peen with some extra layers to *protect* it. Oh, how our minds have expanded.

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That You Split Down There

Admit it: The first time that you saw your vagina, I mean really saw it, did you have a moment where you thought that it was broken because it was split? Come on, be honest. If you only ever saw it from the top view, you might not have realized that it opened up with the labia majora and minora. And it was probably a big discovery when you realized what was actually going on down there.

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That A Penis Went Between Your Labia

Before you had Sex Ed, you might have had some very creative thoughts about what exactly went on with people between the sheets. You might have come to the conclusion that it involved a penis and a vagina, but you might have been a bit off about what actually went where. You might have been one of the ones that thought the penis went between the labia, sort of like a hot dog in a bun scenario.

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That You Didn't Have A Hole Down There

Most of us probably thought that our vaginas were the outside parts, aka the labia, but they're not. They're actually the inside. And it was probably a monumental day when you discovered that you had that vaginal entrance. You might have discovered it the day you discovered where pee actually came from.

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That You Were Dying When You Got Your Period

Even if you've sat through all of the health classes and you were anticipating that you were going to get your period eventually, you were probably really thrown when you got it, right? The first time you saw blood in your underwear, your initial reaction was likely that something is very, very wrong. The thought might not have lasted for long, but it was definitely there.

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That Discharge Meant Something Was Wrong With You

If you saw something come out of your vagina besides pee, you were probably understandably worried. I've already talked about blood, but I'm sure you had a moment of panic when you first saw discharge in your underwear. Foreign fluids tend to make people think that something is wrong. Of course, the wrong kind of discharge can indicate a problem, but a lot of the time, it's normal. After all, discharge is our vaginas' way of cleaning themselves.

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What other weird things have you thought about your vagina? Let us know in the comments!

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