9 Signs Your Shoes Don’t Actually Fit

You know how some people say that they “will suffer in the name of fashion” if their shoes don’t fit because they love them so much? I’m calling it out as total nonsense. What we never see is the person hobbling after taking 30 steps and eventually deciding that it’s far better to take off their shoes than deal with bloody toes.

That is an extreme case, but I’m using it to highlight my point about the importance of wearing shoes that actually fit. Yes, I know that you want a stylish pair of shoes, but having the prettiest shoes doesn’t mean much if your feet are covered in blisters and you never want to wear those shoes again.

The fit of the shoes is the most important thing because it will matter whether you’re walking 20 blocks or just walking to the subway. Sometimes, you might think your shoes fit in the store, but when you get home, it’s a different matter. It has happened to me. I still have a pair of boots in my closet I cannot give away because they’re like new, but I won’t wear them ever again because they gave me some serious blisters.

To hopefully save you from wasting your money, and to save your feet, here are some signs that your shoes don’t actually fit. Pay attention to them on your next shopping trip.

Have you ever bought uncomfortable shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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