7 Things You Could Notice When You Start Taking Birth Control Pills

Are you thinking about going on birth control pills to stop you from getting pregnant? That is obviously one very good reason to go on them. There are also some reasons why you might want to consider going on birth control pills if you’re a virgin or you have no immediate plans to go near a penis. Before you go on The Pill, you should know about the side effects.

No matter what brand of pills you get, you’ll get one of those little booklets in the box that goes into detail about the pills. I’m sure you won’t read it even if I told you to. (No one does.) That’s why I’m here to talk about some of the unexpected things you might notice when you start taking birth control pills. Don’t fret, most of them aren’t bad. In fact, some of them can be very good. There are also a few random ones that might surprise you. Here are seven things you could notice when you start taking birth control pills.

You're Hungry More

Are you one of those people who could eat all of the contents in your fridge when you're PMSing? You might get the same feeling when you go on birth control because of the different hormones. I know you're going to ask about birth control pills making you gain weight. There actually is no definitive proof that they do.

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You Skin Could Get Better

It's not just creams that help with acne. Birth control pills can, too. Without getting to science-y, certain breakouts can be linked to hormones fluctuations and the hormones in birth control pills can help with spots. If you find that you breakout a lot around your period, going on The Pill might help. In general, you might find that your skin is more even and glowy. Who's going to complain about that?

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You Might Not Get As Bad Headaches

There are warnings about not taking birth control pills if you experience certain types of migraines or headaches. Talk to your doctor first to discuss your medical history so they can find the best option for you. If you do go on The Pill, you might notice that the splitting headaches you used to get aren't as bad as they were before. Woot.

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Your Boobs Might Get Bigger

You've probably heard the one about how birth control pills can make your boobs get bigger. Don't expect your boobs to go from an A cup to C cup when you go on The Pill. There might not be any change in them at all. If there is, it likely won't be a change in cup size. Furthermore, you might also think your boobs are getting bigger when it could just be breast tenderness, which is sometimes another side effect.

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Your Periods Will Be Lighter

One reason people go on birth control pills besides to prevent pregnancies is to help with their periods and related symptoms. If you've got a really heavy flow and you frequently have to deal with embarrassing leaks, birth control pills could be your answer. When you go on the pills, you will likely find that your periods are lighter.

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Sex Could Be Less Painful

Yes, really. There are reports that some women find that going on The Pill increases their vaginal lubrication, thus making sex more comfortable. Don't ditch the lube completely when you go on The Pill because you might still need it.

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Your Cramps Won't Be As Bad

Do you literally suffer during your time of the month? You'll be happy to know that birth control pills can help alleviate some of that awful cramping and bloating. The help regulate the flow of hormones which means that your PMS symptoms hopefully won't be as bad. They might not go away completely, but after taking birth control pills, you should notice a change.

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What did you notice when you started taking birth control pills? Let us know in the comments!

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