5 Ways To Deal With Nipple Hair

You probably have a lot of questions about your body, one biggie you might be thinking about is, “Is it normal to have hair on my nipples?” I’ll cut to the chase right now and tell you that it is normal to have hair on your nipples and around them.

Nipple hair is completely normal, just like it’s normal to have hair on your head and hair on your vagina. It can be thick and dark or light and fine, or somewhere in between.

It’s also a personal choice what you’d like to do about it, if anything. Some people like to take a more relaxed approach to body hair while others prefer to remove all of their hair save for the stuff on their heads and eyebrows.

It’s your choice what you want to do. If your nipple hair is bothering you and you’re curious about your options, here are five ways you can deal with the hair on your nipples.

Do you have hair on your nipples? What do you do with it? Let us know in the comments!

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