10 Mistakes You Make When Buying Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. If you plan on *celebrating* with your significant other, that means that you might be going lingerie shopping. Before you set foot in that mall, I want you to take a look at some common lingerie shopping mistakes.

You’re probably very familiar with how aggravating bra shopping can be. It seems like you can try on 60 bras and none of them can be quite right. Unfortunately, lingerie shopping can sometimes be as infuriating. Instead of just worrying about bra cups, you could have to worry about boning not pinching your ribs and straps going where they’re supposed to. Not to mention that you have to find an outfit that you’re actually able to get it on in without accidentally smothering you and bae. No pressure, right?

Don’t get stressed out because it isn’t always that stressful of an experience. At least you’re shopping for yourself and not bae. Just try to go shopping when you’re not rushed and pay attention to these things. Start clicking to see the 10 mistakes people make when buying lingerie. Don’t let them happen to you.

Not Trying Things On

Sorry girl, but this is no time to be lazy. It doesn't matter if you know you are a 38C, you need to try on that look. Every store's fit and styles can vary slightly. Heck, styles and fits can vary at the same store or brand so make sure you try on every piece, every time. It will save you a lot of aggravation. No one wants to get home and find out their non-refundable underwear doesn't fit.

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Forgetting To Check The Size Label On Every Piece

If you actually try on your stuff, you should be able to avoid this one. If you're buying a set with different items, like a baby doll with underwear, you will want to make sure everything is right. Sometimes, racks can get mixed up or someone might try to switch one pair of bottoms for another. You don't want to be the person with the XS top and the XL bottoms.

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Failing To Consider How Complicated The Outfit Is

Did you need the help of your friend and/or the sales associate to get into the corset? If you're not planning on having them there on your date night, you need to think about how practical the piece is. It can work if you want bae to help you get dressed (and undressed). But, if you want to surprise bae, you will want to choose something you can actually get into yourself.

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Not Considering The Fabric

Lingerie is made out of some very pretty fabrics. Some of them can be pretty delicate. If this is a showpiece that you're going to take off slowly in a strip tease, that should be fine. However, if you're planning on getting it on in the lingerie, you will need something that won't rip if bae accidentally puts a hand on the lace. You also don't want anything that could chaff. Ouch.

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Not Looking At The Washing Instructions

If you're buying something that you will wear once then throw away, you can skip this. But, if you'd actually like to wear the outfit again, look at the washing instructions. Spoiler alert: You might discover that your cute outfit isn't washable. You might be cool with it initially but what are you going to do if you like it and some, ahem, stains get on it? You probably won't be wearing it again.

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Only Focusing On Sets

Who said that you only have to buy sets? You can make your own. There are lots of coordinating bras and panties, or you can go for a clash. Creating your own thing is great if you find that you're a different size up top than on the bottom. That way, you don't have to deal with figuring out what a large bra cup would be defined as.

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Not Thinking About Comfort

If you're planning on posing like a model in your lewk, you can skip this one. If you want to actually breathe and hook up in it, you have to make sure you can do that. Can you actually lie down in your lingerie, or is the boning going to snap? This is obviously a bit tricky to test out in a changing room, but try bending down and moving your body in different directions to see whether the outfit moves with you or against you.

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Not Looking At It From All Angles

Bae is going to see you from all angles, so don't you want to see yourself from all angles? Make sure that you're checking out the back of your look because you might find some surprises back there. Oh, and make sure that you inspect the crotch. You will want to know whether you're in crotchless panties.

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Forgetting To Look For Deals

Who doesn't want to save some money? It doesn't matter what you're shopping for. Before you head to the checkout, look around for deals. If you're buying underwear, you might find out it's actually a better deal if you buy three pairs instead of one. There could also be a multi-buy deal of bras or even teddies.

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Buying Something You Don't Feel Confident In

Girl, this is for you first and bae second. Don't buy anything you're unsure of just because you think that it will please bae. You want to buy something that you feel hot AF in. If you don't feel good in it, don't waste your hard-earned money. Promise?

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What lingerie mistakes have you made? Let us know in the comments!

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