16 Sweet Heart Tattoo Ideas You Will Want To Copy

You can get anything you desire tattooed on your body. Some people might want a unicorn, others might want flowers, and some might want a self-portrait. (I won’t judge.) Out of all of the tattoo designs, the heart is one design that remains popular.

You might be cringing at the idea of a heart tattoo because it makes you think of people who get their SO’s name tattooed in a heart after dating for like three seconds and then they break up. I know that does happen, but there are a lot of other heart tattoo ideas than that. What’s more, there are countless pretty ones that I guarantee you will never regret.

The key thing is choosing a design and placement that you’re happy with. If you’re not looking for some ideas and you’re not a drawer, here are 16 adorable heart tattoos to get inspired by.

1. Four Hearts

Heart, heart, heart, heart.


2. Heartbeat Finger

How cool is this? It would also work on your wrist or your chest.


3. Heart Drawing

It’s like a friend came and drew this heart on your neck.


4. Space Heart Tattoo

Combine an astrology tattoo with a heart one.


5. Sailor Moon Heart

Gah! It’s a Sailor Moon compact, and it legit looks real. She is the one, Sailor Moon.


6. Purple Heart

It’s like a stone, but on your arm.


7. Heart and Airplane

For the girl who has major wanderlust.


8. Two Tiny Hearts

These are so tiny you can barely see them and that makes the ink even better.


9. Colorful Best Friend Hearts

Here’s a cool idea to share the love with your friends.


10. Heart Foot Tattoo

It’s all about the placement.


11. Black Heart Outline

Wear your heart on your, erm, finger.


12. Heart, Cross, and Anchor

Not your basic heart design.


13. 8-Bit Hearts

Bet you never would have thought of this one. It’s for all the old school graphics lovers out there.


14. Behind-the-Ear Heart

The placement is great but so is the design.


15. Hear Ankle

Proof that sometimes the simplest tattoos are the prettiest ones.


16. Beat Of Your Heart

I bet this was not the heart tattoo you were thinking of. So clever and so cute.


Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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